Malaysian Model, Christina Chelliah, Wins Miss Enterprise in the Miss Global 2014 Pageant

Over a year ago, for those that have been following us from day 1, you probably remember our section called “Beauty of the Week”. We featured New York based Malaysia model, Christina Chelliah, as one of our beauties.

To bring our new readers up to speed Ms. Chelliah was chosen to be highlighted on our site not just because her beauty, but also for her intellect. She is a laywer, lecturer, beauty queen, model, and commercial talent. A mouth full right? But in today’s day in age, who doesn’t do a lot. It’s all about having multiple streams of income.

Anyways, she was has bee crowned Miss International Kebaya 2013/2014, Miss Malaysia Universe 2002 (1st Runner Up), Miss Malaysia Tourism World 2002, Miss Marigold Body Beautiful 2002 and Miss Fujifilm Photogenic 2001 among others. Her most recent title is Miss Enterprise 2014, in which she won after competing in the Miss Global 2014 pageant.

We recently interviewed the new Miss Enterprise title winner on her experiences of being able to have the opportunity in competing in the Miss Global 2014 pageant, which was held in Los Angeles.

What was your favorite thing about competing in the competition?

My favorite thing about competing was having the opportunity to represent my country, Malaysia, at an international beauty pageant. I was a former Miss Malaysia in 2002, and I was supposed to represent the country at Miss Tourism World 2002 but due to unforeseen circumstances, the local organizers were not able to send me to compete. I was devastated at that time, and had made peace with the fact that I wasn’t able to go then. After migrating to the States last year and being selected to compete in an international pageant to represent my country, it was like a revival of a dream that I thought was lost ! Also, I loved the opportunity of having met other contestants from many different parts of the world.

What did you learn about yourself from the whole process, from beginning to end?

I learnt many things not only about myself, but also about this industry. Most importantly, I am so happy to have used this platform to build for myself an excellent team of sponsors, for my dresses, shoes, hair care, photography / videography, right down to a digital artist ! I have only been in this country for one year, and to see that I have garnered enough contacts to be able to put together such an amazing team of people to back me up, was a great achievement ! I was ecstatic that the Miss Global Organization also recognized my entrepreneurial ability, and crowned my with the title of “Miss Enterprise” at the pageant ! All in all, competing in a pageant again after 12 years was exciting ! I had spent the last 10 years prior to this in law school and then working as a corporate lawyer, and that was my life for so long ! Competing in a pageant again made me realise that it is never too late to pursue your passions and dreams, and that not everyone is meant to follow a set path. What I learnt the most was that I am resilient, and stronger than I give myself credit for.

What’s next for you?

I am currently based in New York City, and I am actively pursuing modelling / acting opportunities. I also teach part-time at an online law school here in the States. What I eventually want to do is to be able combine all my talents on one platform, my legal background, my love for modelling and acting, and my genuine heart to help people. That being said, I will also be looking into more hosting opportunities as it is my dream to be a radio or television personality in the future.

What advice do you have for other young girls who want to compete in pageants?

Competing in pageants is a good way to groom oneself, as there are many aspects to it. It is a great way for girls to learn how to present themselves in the best way possible, and it teaches you self-confidence, public speaking skills etc. It is also a great stepping stone for those that are interested in a career in modeling, and entertainment.

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