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How many of you have goals? How often do you set a goal for yourself? How often do you accomplish a goal that you set and how long does it take you to accomplish that goal?

The reason for the questions as if you were in class, is to get you thinking about where you are in life, where you want to be and how to get yourself there. We often get side tracked in life when we are trying to get to point A to point B. That’s all apart of life, as long as we get back on track and keep moving.

To accomplish our goals we need to make it habit to keep going. I can’t stress that writing stuff down is VERY critical. I know you probably heard that saying over and over and it probably sounds like a broken record now, but we MUST write that goal down. Then once you write it down, list the steps that you need to do to reach that goal. If your goal is to move out on your own, but in your mind you have that thinking that, “You just have a part-time job and you don’t think you can be out there on your own,” You have to erase that thought and write down your game plan. You can start with something that looks like this:

Goal: Move out in 6 months

  • Save “X” amount of money
  • Research roommates/rooms for rent
  • Spice up resume and apply for a better job or second job
  • Turn my passion of “X” into a side hustle for some extra change

Once you have your game plan together, paste it on the wall, mirror, or somewhere where you will see it everyday. As you see this game plan it will get you to keep moving and accomplishing the goals will become a habit, just like when you brush your teeth in the morning and at night.

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Naomi K. Bonman is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she holds her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism. She also holds her Masters of Public Administration. She is the Founder and CEO of Awakened Media Enterprises, Inc. which owns Purposely Awakened. She has been in the media field since 2006 covering beats that range from social justice, community, entertainment, sports, fashion/beauty, and culture news.

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