Luciana Gilmore Helps to Heal Mother-Daughter Relationships with Gilmore Girls Greetings

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Kids are a blessing. When they are younger they are just so cute and lovable. As they get older, you may find yourself from wanting to strangle them for disobeying you to simply just wanting to protect them from the dangers of the world. For both teenage boys and girls, they go through changes and can be misunderstood especially by their parents. Due to that we heard of several books and workshops on how to raise Black boys, but what about the girls? 

Luciana Gilmore launched her company Gilmore Girls Greetings to mothers to understand and bond with their daughters more as she is going through different changes in life. 

“This company was simply built from my life as a mother, and role as an educator for over 15 years, Gilmore states. “Having been a mother in 2 different arenas has allowed me to see girls from different sides of the lens and has inspired my passion to help mothers and daughters foster the best relationship that they can have. As a mother of 3 children, Asiya 18, Jada 10, and baby boy Demetrius 5, I know the dilemmas, trials, and down right over-demanding job that being a mother can be.” 

Gilmore knows and has witnessed first hand what happens when we don’t ensure that we build our daughters up, communicate openly, and push them forward to be the best they can be in all circumstances, to include home, school, jobs, college, and building relationships with other females. Although Luciana admits to not having the magic pill, she didn’t get the book that had all the answers with her first child, but she has learned from the multitude of mistakes that she has made, mistakes she has seen her friends make, and results that she has seen play out in the schools  that she has instructed in and led in her role as a principal.

Luciana Gilmore’s goal for Gilmore Girls Greetings is to  become a launchpad to promote open communication between mothers and daughters. Her company will expand on mother-daughter relationships through coaching sessions and blog interaction. In addition, to their hosted conferences that will allow mothers and daughters to learn from one another in an open, safe, and fun space, while also giving them some tools to keep the communication and relationship growing once the seminar has come to an end. And of course, Gilmore Girls will create  a network of mothers and daughters all over the world, who are bounded by a common thread of working towards achieving the goal of developing and cultivating our daughters through encouragement, love and support.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Luciana Gilmore where she chatted more on her vision and purpose of the company. Check it out below. 

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