Love. It’s a beautiful thing. It also comes with its daily ups and downs. Then there’s life. Life also comes it with its daily dose of twists and turns. We learn to balance the two, but sometimes our every day life obstacles outside of the relationship can take us through certain loops and on a wild ride that can make it hard to balance a relationship– especially when there’s issues that need addressing in the relationship. It’s frustrating trying to fix and balance both life and love issues. 

This is when it’s perfectly okay to step back from the relationship for a second; meaning no contact at all with each other for a certain amount of time.

Sometimes we can put so much into fixing the issues within our relationship, that leave things behind that need our focus more in our personal lives. We tend to forget about ourselves and who we are. We put our work, school or family tasks on the back burner because we don’t want our relationship to die. But we must take care of our own well being first and foremost. 

When other things in our lives are out of wack, but we still put more of our energy into fixing our relationship rather than fixing our personal obstacles first, the personal issues keep piling up which only leads to more frustration and we then continue to bring the junk into the relationship making ourselves pretend that it’s all good. However, we have to start taking care of ourselves first and our personal matters before continuing to build our relationship up. 

So, yes it’s ok to take a time out for a second. Your partner may not agree or understand it at first, and it may be hard for him/her because for “X” amount of days they’ll miss the “Good Morning” texts, daily phone calls (no matter how long or short they are), and other little random messages throughout the day or week. But trust–coming back with a clearer perspective and  better personal life is all worth it.