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Nowadays we tend to hear many people praising that same prayer,  “God please send me a good mate. I need somebody”, and if people haven’t realized God has a keen sense of humor. He will send you a good man or woman your way, but they may not be that good one for you that you were looking for or have in mind.

Before you begin to pray the “Lonely Prayer” asking the Man above to send somebody your way,  there are a few things you must ask yourself.

  1. What are you willing to do to find that good person that your heart desires and seeks out.

  2. What are you looking for in the person you want to be with, because as we know nobody is walking around with signs on them with the good qualities they posses on the front of them, and on the back of them in small print the side effects that they may cause, but that is neither here nor there.

  3. What good is there in you that you can bring to the other person because the same prayer you have prayed for they have prayed for too.

  4. And most importantly people sometimes forget that what it took to get you in the relationship is the same thing that is needed to help you maintain and keep the relationship.

In order to begin to recognize a good mate and what they could do for us and possibly bring to the table, we must first recognize those same things that we want from them in us. You cannot begin to look for something good in somebody if we have yet to realize the good in us, and the things we are able to bring to a relationship. People tend to blame their past failures in their previous relationships on the other person on why it didn’t go the way they hoped for it to go. In a relationship things work two ways. The reason why the relationship failed could have been due to several factors, but mainly due to things that somebody wasn’t doing or their lack of doing.

A relationship is  give and take and both parties have to be willing to play both parts or as they say be willing to compromise to each others needs and wants. Also, communication is the biggest key  and can make or break the best relationships with the lack of it. When we begin to realize that we are not perfect and the person we are looking for will not be either, it is then that we will begin to recognize the person for us.

Some people are not willing to do the work for what it is they want or are praying for. As the Bible says, “Faith without work is dead”. You cannot begin to ask and pray for something, but are not willing to do the work to achieve what it is you want. The same amount of time and energy it takes you to pray for God to send somebody your way, that same amount of time and energy it takes for you to get to know that person to see how things can lead and workout.

We tend to have certain criteria that we look for in people and if they don’t meet all of them or fall short on some we tend to dismiss them like a school bell for recess. The vast majority of people have list so high that if they took their time to compare them self to the list that they have I’m sure they wouldn’t stand up to it, or even date them self. Nobody wants to settle with just anybody, but you have to realize that list of things you want in your perfect person only exist in an animated Disney movie.

When we have done everything it is to get the person that we have been longing to get and be with, somehow we forget that those same things that got them to be with us are those same exact things that’s needed to keep them. Men if you use to surprise her with flowers at work along with a message saying you were thinking about her don’t stop, continue to do so, and women if you use to write him a little note and put it in his suitcase saying have a good day at work and you’ll be missing him, don’t stop that either. It is those little things that keep a relationship strong.

Some may feel that why do I need to keep doing those things if I already have them? But it’s that same train of thought that will cause you to lose them. People ask how is it that you keep the fire going in a relationship once its gone out, and the answer is simply you don’t let it go out, you always keep the flame going. Never let the passion that once fueled the relationship leave out of it, for once the fire is out its hard to get it relight

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Born in New Orleans, LA on 11/12/1983 (I'm an 80's baby). Served 8yrs in the Air Force Reserve served during Iraqi Freedom is currently a Warehouse Supervisor for Babies R US Attended Southern University (Go Jags) studied Business Marketing with minor n pre-law Interest: reading books from Eric Jerome Dickey to Sister Souljah,writing poetry n currently working on a poetry book called Predetermined Thoughts of the Mind, traveling to different parts of the word especially the islands, listening to music from Rap/R&B to Neo-Soul anything that intrigues the mind, spending much quality time with my daughter Akaiya, going out with friends enjoying the good life.

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