Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Althea “Thi Thi” Heart chats on music, career, & EP

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With the plethora of reality shows hitting the airwaves, more and more reality TV stars are rising and climbing the ladder to fame and claiming their “15 minutes of fame”. Some of them had goals and dreams of landing and being on a reality TV show, and for some it just happens by who they date and/or associate with. The case of the matter is that no matter how each star ended up your television set, some people still do not realize that many of them have so much more to them than just being a “Housewife”, “Basketball Wife”, etc.

Althea “Thi Thi” Heart is one of those hidden gems of reality TV that has so much to offer. Known as the sweetie pie and breakout stars from last summer’s record breaking and third season of the hit series, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, Thi Thi is now flexing her talents in the musical arena, having just shot her music video for “Ride ‘Em Like A Harley” featuring the legendary OJ Da Juiceman, which off of her upcoming debut EP, Controversy, which releases July 25.

“I think that people don’t except reality stars to be talented,” Thi Thi states. “I want everyone to try my music out and I think they’ll be very surprised that I can sing and that I’m talented.”

It’s a no brainer that Miss Heart would possess the talent that she has because it is embedded in her genes. Her father owned a jazz club in New York and her mother was a Gospel singer.

“I would watch her get ready for her concerts,” Heart stated.

Heart has also been studying and has been in dance classes since the age of seven. Although she does not perform in dance recitals anymore, she incorporates her dancing skills in her music videos. She was able to dance a little in “Ride ‘Em Like a Harley”.

One unknown fact that many do not about Miss Heart is that prior to launching her music career independently, she started her real estate business from investments from her first deal that she had with Def Jam.

“Although it didn’t go anywhere I was still able to hop on a few tracks, as well as getting my face out there by appearing on television as a video model,” she said.

In addition to her EP, Thi Thi is currently working on a new reality series about relationships with her fiancé Benzino.

Within the next two years, she plans on being able to tour the world and filling arenas and making great music.

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