Literature Corner: Let’s Do Some Family Reading with ‘Fennell Adventures’

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Doing things as a family keeps the family together. There’s family businesses, family trips, and other outgoings that people like to as a family. But what about doing some good ol’ fun, family reading? The book Fennell Adventures written by 9-year-old Jace, 8-year-old Marl, and their mother Jennaye, helps to promote literacy among our youth. The illustrations within the book are not only fun, but they keep your child entertained, as well as educated.

I recently interviewed the authors of the book. Check out the interview below:

What inspired you to write Fennell Adventures?

Jace: I think it is important for kids to read more.  Not a lot of kids get to travel and I want them to learn new things about different cultures.

Merl:  I wanted to be like my big brother!

Jennaye: I believe that a happy child is a happy adult!  I want my children to follow EVERY dream they desire and I will do ALL in my power to help them!  I also have a 13-year-old daughter who is a professional face painter for our family business Smiling Faces Party Entertainment. 

What do you hope kids and families take from the book? Is there a particular message that you are hoping to get across?

Jace: Umm, the motto is to “Live life to the Fullest.”  It is important to know that you can do anything you put your mind to.  If you want to travel, you can!  If you want to write a book, you can!  If you want to be a doctor….guess what?  You can!

Merl: I hope they learn their A, B, C’s and how to rhyme in a fun way!

Jennaye: My family travels quite often, so I hope families can use the guide in the back to create everlasting memories!  The book begins and ends with spiritual guidance.  I hope they know they are not alone!  Another take away would be the importance of family, love, and happiness!

You’re also a teacher. What grade do you teach? And have your students read the book? How have they responded to it?

Jace: I am in the 4th grade at Woodland Elementary in Stockbridge, GA.

Merl: I am in the 3rd grade at Woodland Elementary in Stockbridge, GA.

Jennaye: I teach 8th grade students at Stockbridge Middle School in Stockbridge, GA.  All of my students love the books my boys have written.  They also love to hear about the journey with the speaking engagements, book signings, interviews, news postings, and articles.

Do you have any upcoming book signings coming up? Have you done any in the past?

Currently, the boys have a book signing on Saturday, November 11, from 4  p.m. to 6 pm at Kupcakerie in East Point, GA.

In the past, they had signings at local libraries, summer camps, schools in Delaware and Atlanta.  They have also been on radio stations and CBS46 news.

What’s next for you as an author? Do you plan on publishing more books? 

Fennell Adventures is a book series.  Currently, 2 books are out.  Journey through Hawaii with Jace and Journey through Texas with Merl.  Both of the books are choose your own adventure, which means the reader decides which way to go.  The books can be read multiple ways.  Hawaii can be read 28 different ways.  Texas can be read 40 different ways, it teaches ABC’s, and rhymes.  Both books have illustrations, real family photos, a travel guide in the back, and prayer inside. Books on Cuba, Key West, Chicago and surrounding areas, and more will be coming soon!

We also can publish books for others that want to become authors.

Where can people purchase the book?

Both books can be found on Amazon.  The title or author can be placed in the search.

How can they keep up with you?

We would love for you to be in touch with us! Subscribe to us at Follow us on Instagram at Fennelladventures and like us on Facebook at Fennell Adventures. You can also catch up with us at speaking engagements as well as writing us at Thank you VERY much for such an INCREDIBLE opportunity!  Be blessed!

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