Leonard H. Williams III Inspires Youth Through Literature

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Leonard H. Williams III is also known as Lenny by his peers. He writes, does photography, counsels the youth, and creates documentaries. He plans on making a positive impact on this world by showing children that their differences make them special.

Lenny’s message to the children: 

“I’m a proud black man and I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud of who I am and I love the way God made me. At the same time I care and love the way God has made you all as well. And I care enough to make stories and movies that you can relate to and identify with because our differences make us all unique and special.” “I’m all about embracing our differences not hiding them.”

Tell myself and the reader’s a little about yourself.

I go by Lenny Williams but my legal name is Leonard H. Williams III. I was born on April 9, 1994 in Wilmington, Delaware. I’m the oldest of eight children, and I’ve always grew up in a two-parent house hold. My mother and father have been together for over 24 years. I’ve had an incredible family life and a stable upbringing. In my opinion, because I’ve had both parents in my life it has helped me climb the ladder to success and live a peaceful life. I’m a proud black man and I’m proud of my heritage and culture. I love breaking down barriers and stereotypes that we constantly deal within our own communities. At the same time I can say I’ve never been arrested, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, and I’m deep into spirituality.

What inspired you to write children’s books?

Watching Disney movies, Harry Potter films, and Willy Wonka inspired me to write. Those movies helped spark the imagination I have today. My teachers throughout grade school and high school would always tell me that I’m a great writer/story-teller, but I never pursued it heavily until I graduated from college.

Along with the movies I mentioned previously, my seven younger siblings inspired me to write children’s books too. Being the oldest caused me to be a full time babysitter, and the youngest child and I are 20 years apart; so we constantly have on PBS, Disney, cartoons etc. and I’m stuck with a child’s heart because of this!

Do you happen to have any children of your own?

No, I don’t have any children of my own. My mom and dad have so many of us I don’t think I want any kids because I already feel like a part time parent.

You were a feature recommended to me by the Melanin Origins, have you done work with them?

In 2018, I plan on publishing three books with Melanin Origins, but we’ve never done book publishing work previous to 2018. I will keep them as my publisher from here on out though because they actually care about promoting the authors. The new year will start new beginnings for me. 

Can you tell us about some of your past projects?

At 19 years old, I wrote a children’s book called, Dreaming Their Way Out. That story is about seven orphans who live in a horrible orphanage, but one night they magically discover their guardian angels who take them away fro. The orphanage into a world of fun and magic. The story was officially published two years later when I was 21 because I had finally found an illustrator who would work on the story.

My second story, Asha The Princess of Matana, came out in the summer of 2017. This story is a fairytale about a young city guy named Jamal who wins a trip to a magical country in Africa called Matana. During this trip he and his best friend Tamir discover a mysterious kingdom. This kingdom is where they meet Princess Asha. Later in the story Jamal helps Asha unlock a power she never knew was there. 

My latest book was a children’s book called, The Holiday Dream. This book was a sequel to Dreaming Their Way Out. This story is about the orphans going on a trip to the north pole to find the perfect gifts for their guardians.

Can we expect any new up and coming projects from you?

The next project I have coming out will be here by February 1st 2018 on amazon.com. The story will be called, She’s Divine. It will be a romantic novel about a college student in his junior year trying to stay focus, complete his internship, and graduate with a degree in Psychology; but things begin to take an unusual turn when he somehow ends up meeting a spirit/ghost woman in his room who supposedly died eight months ago. Because of their connection and journey throughout this story they simply cannot break the sexual tension and chemistry they have together.

What words of advice can you offer some up and coming writers?

My advice to young writers and entrepreneurs is to work on your craft and invest in yourself every single damn day. Be your biggest fan and believe in your dream because if you don’t then no one else will. I will also say this: “Be patient when it comes to success and stop allowing social media to fool you because real success does not come over night. Anyone can go viral or become an overnight sensation for doing something stupid on social media but it doesn’t benefit them in the long run, trust me.”

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