With so much negativity int he media, and with women such as Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and Black Chyna being praised in social media and the pop culture World, it is of essence that we seek more positive mentors. Those three women above provide false impressions of what a “women” is supposed to look like. We need to feed our young girls with inspirational messages that let them know that they can be beautiful and successful as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, journalist, etc., and most importantly with their clothes on! This is one of the platforms that LaTrece Joi Russell created with her business, Joi Doll.

Joi Doll Inc. was established November of 2010 in Chicago, Illinois by Victoria L. Gatling and LaTrece Joi Russell, a mother and daughter, to help enhance the lives of little girls by creating a inspirational baby doll that will help implement morals and values while developing character and a new friendship that children will enjoy for years.

The story began when the mother-daughter duo and a family friend by the name of Robert Shannon were sitting around, the family friend made a statement that Joi looked like a doll and that they should create a doll and call it “The Joi Doll.” As Joi and her mother looked at one another they began to brainstorm and decided that it should speak 12 inspirational phrases as well as have a educational twist. As the family friend looked on at the brain storming process, little did he know that there was a whole story behind the whole idea.

Ms. Russell who is now a young has always had a history of motivating and inspiring. Joi has never turned away from the morals and values that she learned as a child. Therefore she is a true test that positive influences learned early will, help develop young productive citizens. As the story continues, Joi’s mother Victoria, who is the mother of five children, with her marketing and entrepreneur skills moved forth with the idea and made the many contacts that enabled the company to move forth and both her and Joi developed Joi Doll Inc.

For more information or to order a Joi Doll for a special little girl in your life, visit www.joidoll.com.