While hip hop culture is known for its diversity, often tapping other genres to create new ones, rarely does one think of Mariachi music as one of its more ‘blendable’ ingredients. Veteran west coast Latin rapper and lyricist, Invinceable, has mixed a distinctive musical cocktail however, with the release of his music video, “So Loaded.” “So Loaded” merrily revels in the merits of Patron tequila as the swig of choice amongst a cast of Black and Brown rappers, beautiful Latinas, low riders and a Mariachi band. With 100 proof production juices added to the thirst-quenching libation by the legendary rap music producer, DJ BattleCat, “So Loaded” offers a tipsy, top shelf toast that stirs diverse artistic traditions in a swagful chalice of good cheer!

Directed and edited by Michael R. Santana, with aerial cinematography provided by James Hill, “So Loaded” features DJ BattleCat and music artist, Roman, with Invinceable tending the bar! Filmed in downtown Los Angeles, including scenes shot on location on famed Olvera Street in Los Angeles, “So Loaded” is a spirited celebration of fiesta, tequila, rhyme and funky Mexican infused rhythm.

“It was actually BattleCat who came up with the idea to imbue ‘So Loaded’ with that Mariachi/ Banda vibe,” reveals Invinceable. “It evolved into a wonderful collaboration that I’m really proud of and excited about! Banda and Mariachi are styles of regional Mexican music that you don’t readily equate with hip hop, so the filming of the video and producing of the song has taken us on quite an adventure!”

Adds DJ BattleCat, whose credits include producing Snoop Dogg, The Game and Xzibit, “Invinceable and I go way back, and I have always appreciated his style and what he brings to the table. ‘So Loaded’ is a beautiful blending of both our cultures. When Roman got involved and added his vocal skills to the song’s hook, we knew we had the fire we were looking for!”

Invinceable worked with DJ BattleCat a decade ago on his very first single, “A Soldier Never Dies” featuring smooth balladeer, Jon B. The touching anthem was dedicated to the memory of his cousin, Anthony Hector Vargas, a Marine who lost his life in a San Bernadino neighborhood after returning from battle in Iraq. As an artist and business entrepreneur, Invinceable has always strived to make his community proud. He published his own hip hop magazine, Phat Inc., and annually hosts holiday toy drives for less fortunate children.

Invinceable laces “So Loaded” with an intoxicating flow as the song and video punches like a straight shot of premium tequila with no chaser. Free rounds for everybody!