Knowing You Already Found the One, But Choosing to Wait Until You’re Both Ready for Marriage

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Dating can be fun and it can be an amazing experience when you have finally found that person that you can connect with on all different levels. Now of course while in the midst of dating this wonderful person, especially for the woman, the thought of could this be my soulmate/the one for me. And the answer to that is, if that person is for you, there won’t be any question about it. 

The infamous line of, “When you know, you just know,” stands true, and this past it has been a testament in my dating experience. However, just because you know this person is the right one for you, does it mean that you will get married in the near future? No. Now some may be asking, then why was I presented with this person at this particular time, but marriage won’t be in our future for awhile? 

Listen, God makes no mistakes and he knows exactly who a person will be paired up with. He’ll bring you this person at the right time, you just have to really evaluate what you’re ready for and not ready for. Basically, he’ll give you what you need at the time while you’re in preparation for what’s ahead. Don’t rush it. 

Take this. The guy that I am currently dating is for me. I knew this a few months ago, but right now neither one of us is ready for marriage anytime soon. For us it could be 3 years or it could be 5 or more, but it works for us. I’m not ready because I have various things I’m working on and he’s not ready for his reasons (which is private and I won’t share). But, the beautiful thing about our union is that 1) we’re happy with where we are at with each right now, 2) there’s no stress or pressure added to the situation worrying about the “traditional woes of society”, society doesn’t define how to successfully navigate a relationship, and 3) creating and sharing memories together while we’re on this journey is everything! 

If you are in a similar situation, the key thing is to first to self-reflect on your life.This will best determine what you are and are not ready for. Then communicate things out with your partner to ensure that the two of you are on the same page. Trust me, when it’s God’s will, it will all work out in the end. Just be patient and continue to have fun with each other. 

So, the question is, if you found the one for you, are you or will you be willing to wait? 

Disclaimer: No, the featured image is not of us. I choose to keep pictures of us private and they are not for public domain. 

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