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Day 2 of Black History Month and of our #KeepingTheDreamAlive campaign. Today is dedicated to knowing your purpose and living out your purpose which is why I had to highlight one of my inspirations in the industry, Karen Civil, plus she just recently her book entitled, “Be You, Be Civil,” which all about exploring and launching out on your destiny!

At just 31-years-old, this young, dynamic women has already been named as a mini Oprah and is worth millions! Not only has she accumulated so much success in her career, but she remains humble and gives back to the community. On her 30th birthday, she went to Haiti (she was born to two Haitian parents) where she built a playground for children.  Her heart is just golden and the easy that she remains so pure in an industry that at times is not very kind speaks volumes!

One of the main reasons why she is my inspiration is because she has proven that hard work definitely pays off and goes along way. Yes sometimes it may seem like you’re working your butt off and seeing the increase rise up very slowly. She has also shown me that you do not have to have a big bank account to make your dreams happen.

In her book she explains how she rode up to New York from New Jersey to become an apprentice for a popular radio show host (read the book to find out who) with just $14.00 in her pocket. When Civil got there she realized that she was among several other young adults competing for the apprentice spot. Karen worked her tail off and ended up being in the top three, but did not get the job and went back home to New Jersey. However, her story was just unfolding.

While back home she applied and was accepted to intern for another radio show after the host watched and admired her dedication and passion at the radio show in New York. From there her career began to skyrocket. She later created her music blog karencivil.com which now has several writers and receives over a million views per month. As her career begin to skyrocket she branded herself and created her company Civil Enterprises where she markets and publicizes several hip-hop artists.

Some of her past clients have included Lil Wayne, Funk Master Flex, Ben Baller, Juelz Santana, Dom Kennedy, and Marc Ecko. Her current clients include All Def Digital, Mary J. Blige, Young Jeezy, Beats by Dre, Nipsey Hussle, and Pusha T.

“Have patience and understanding to know when it’s your turn, and your light will shine.”

Karen Civil

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