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Joi Doll Inc. was created and developed by mother and daughter, Victoria L. Gatling and Latrece J. Russell. They created the Joi Doll in order to help enhance the lives of little girls by creating an inspirational baby doll that helps implement morals and values while developing character and a new friendship that little girls can enjoy for years.

The purpose of the Joi Doll is to help teach little girls throughout the world how to become wonderful and respectful young women. This is accomplished by educating through kinetic learning by introducing them to several biblical scriptures, motivational and inspirational phrases, as well as teaching them educational milestones that will collectively build up and create positive members of society.

I recently interviewed Ms. Latrece J. Russell on what inspired her to create the Joi Doll. So continue reading so you can find out where you can buy your daughter her Joi Doll at.

When was the Joi doll born (created)?Nov 2010 making her a little shy of a year old.

What inspired you to create her?My inspiration came from a family member joking saying that I look like a little doll and at that we should make a doll out of you, and at that point I decided to create the doll in my image as I was as a little kid, always inspiring and motivating people.

Does the Joi doll come in both male and female? And if not do you plan on releasing a boy doll in the future?No, Joi doll does not have a boy doll; however, she does come in several nationalities. As of right know, Joi Doll Inc. is brainstorming on a hero action figure for the little boys.

So what makes the Joi doll so special?The fact that she is able to speak and say inspirational phrases based off the bible she also has interchangeable voice boxes; therefore, she is able to also be educational as well.

Sounds like a doll that I should pick up for my niece (lol). So are there any other projects that you are involved in?Currently, I’ am in the process of creating my foundation D.O.L.L, as well writing my book, creating my blog Joi …The Know It All and lastly developing my web show The Joi Show, which will have other young business owners showcased.

Wow! You are definitely doing quite a bit and being an aspiration to other young women. So what advice do you have for young girls who are having a hard time finding their purpose in life?My advice for young girls would be to consult God, follow your heart and do what you love and everything else will follow.

Great advice! I couldn’t disagree. So where can we find the Joi doll? Is it in the stores?You can find the Joi Doll online at her website,, only at this time. Her boutique won’t be open until 2013.

Great! So are there any last remarks that you feel we should know about Joi Doll Inc.?We at Joi Doll Inc. is trying to make a difference in the lives of little girls everywhere!

We would love to thank Ms. Latrece J. Russell for taking a few minutes out of her time to answer a few questions for us. We will keep you updated in the future on what happens with Joi Doll Inc.


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