Job interview attire: Ditch the black & white, be more modern

Okay ladies, so in class and school and from peers and mentors you were probably taught that the best thing to wear in job interviews is black slacks with a white button down shirt, right? Yes this gives you a more professional look, but it hinders your personality. Plus, if you’re going in for an interview for an e-commerce job with Forever 21 or for a Public Relations position in the entertainment field, then the black slacks, white button image can and will make you look like a prude and not fitted for the image/look of the company. Yeah you were dazzling with your personality but um your attire was “BORING!” Below are a few nice and trendy, yet still professional outfits that are more industry appropriate.

E-Commerce, corporate fashion job

In the fashion industry you want to show that you know fashion, yet still look professional and presentable in the interview process. Pencil skirts are always great! Go with a solid color, purple is good. Then depending on the job, you match up the blouse with how you normally see people of that company dressing. For example, if it’s Forever 21, a graphic fashion tee with a leather or cropped jacket shows that you are trendy and ready to claim the job.

Marketing, business positions

Just because you are going in for a marketing, HR, or other type of professional, business type of office job doesn’t mean that you have to be boring. You can make the white button down blouse look more appealing, trendy, and fitting to your personality. Try a white and black combo pencil skirt and do not button the blouse up all the way to the top to wear it is about to choke you. Just like how the girl has her blouse above is perfect! And go for some colored shoes, not the plain ol’ boring black shoes!

Graphic design, artsy type jobs

You want to be a graphic designer or artist right? So be creative in your outfit to be sure to stand out and show your personality. Colors are perfect for artsy type job interviews. You really want your creativity to shine in everything with these type of jobs.

Bank and retail manager type of jobs

Being on that BOSSY girl type of attitude, when it comes to the wardrobe, please don’t go in the interview with the BOSSY attitude in your personality because you may come off like a “B!TCH” Anywho, be BOSSY in your style with a tan or beige pencil skirt and a dark solid color button down.

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