Jayce Baron Keeps the Dream Alive as an Advocate for LGBT Community

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For most within the LGBT community, it is difficult for them to come out to friends and family, let alone a community. However, there are advocates that are taking a stand to help others to be comfortable enough to come out and be their true, authentic selves. This is why Jayce Baron created his platform.

Jayce Baron is a writer, social entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT millennial. Creator of Kiss & Tell Networks consisting of Kiss & Tell Live, Kiss & Tell Radio, Show & Tell 2.0, he devotes his time to creatively uniting the community by tackling social topics through art, media, and events. With his own personal testimony as an openly gay black male raised in the first family of a baptist church, his stories have been able to guide not only the LGBT community, but anyone who has been tried with conflict and acceptance within culture, family, and themselves. Using the motto “people are my passion”, Jayce continues to broaden the mindset of society and moderate the personal journey to self discovery.

Kiss & Tell Networks was created to unite the community by tackling social topics through LGBT art, media, and events. Originally created as an LGBT dating and relationship panel in 2015, Kiss & Tell is designed to open the door and create a platform for unspoken yet necessary conversations and freely discuss topics the LGBT community experience. Many times, we see a division in our community, although we share the same acronym. From dating, character building, societal and personal acceptance, to mental and physical health, Kiss & Tell encourages everyone to live in their truth.

Watch a series from Kiss & tell below:

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