Jasmine Lawrence Keeps the Dream Alive Through her Million Dollar Hair Care Business

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Ah, the joys and frustrations that come with having natural or thick hair, right? I know the naturals out there are probably nodding their heads in agreement. Even if you are not a natural, in between getting your hair done it can be a headache when trying to find the right hair product that works with Black, ethnic hair. Your story is similar to Jasmine Lawrence’s, CEO and founder of EDEN BodyWorks.

After having a bad reaction to a chemical relaxer, which left Lawrence without most of her hair, she decided to do something about it. At just 13-years-old she attended an NFTE (The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Bizcamp for teens, where she learned the ropes of becoming her own BOSS.

“The summer before I attended, I had broken my thumb at a different camp. I wanted to try something a little less intense [laughs]. I was enticed by the opportunity to spend time at New York University to learn more about the business world.”

Throughout the duration of those weeks and how it manifested itself into her company, Jasmine says she learned how to be committed to something that made her different and understood how to capitalize off of that aspect.

The foundation of EDEN BodyWorks was birthed from that pivotal moment and it was an interminable journey for Lawrence ever since–a journey that began from a personal desire to find self-love after losing the very thing that often defines who we are.

“Once you have that locked away in your heart, it’s just a fire. You can do your own thing once you find your own thing,” she stated.

Her company is now 11-years-old (she is now 24), and just to think that she could retire at 30-years-old if she wanted is so many millennials dreams. Those of us that are already that age or nearing that age in the next year or two, probably cannot retire, but we can inspire those in Jr. High and high school to start making a way for themselves now!

Below you can catch an interview of Lawrence chatting it up with Oprah Winfrey.

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