Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay x Diddy Attend 2018 AT&T SHAPE Tech and Entertainment Expo

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New disruptive creative technologies to SHAPE the new upcoming tech world that will catapult these next and current young generation to a world we never experienced before. The world and the industry are heavily investing in the new and upcoming minds to give access to the creators, innovators, film and sound producers.

Shape .. Saturday   … media … executive round table ….

There were many people from all over coming together to experience and contribute to this expo! The first order of business on Saturday June 2, was the executive round table panel with AT&T executives David Christopher (Pres, AT&T Mobility & Entertainment), Kevin Petersen (SVP, Device, Network & Services Marketing), Val Vargas (SVP, Advertising & Creative Services), and Wayne Purboo (SVP Video & Internet Product Management) to field questions from the media pool and comment on what’s next and how AT&T will play a role.

A question asked that came from the media audience regarding T Mobil inroads in the industry, with their impressive 2018 results from an industry mobile experience reporting site OpenSignal. The site measures data speeds and wireless coverage mapping side by side unbiased comparisons of the major carriers.

One of the panelist stated that ATT is including and innovating new services to be more diverse and strengthening infrastructure to close the speed gap. Also Introducing innovative content not exclusivity to lead the market in the development of the upcoming 5g (evolution) protocol now live in more than 100 markets.

Another question, how are you going to take advantage of the opportunities that 5g brings?  The response was, through advertising, marketing, transparency guiding principles of authentic customer experience. 5G and VR& AR will bring a whole new dimension to the market and how we experience our near future.

The different areas that will become common place with the advent of 5G, customer space, virtualized networking, how you will interact with your content. New platforms for businesses to gain effectiveness efficiency utilizing mix reality, a new computerized platform with less or no latency, content everywhere. AT&T is assisting with development of creators and the content creation and delivery for new customer experiences…Linear tv now is that limitation to be address … eliminate the satellite. dependency vs content download …

An issue was mentioned regarding concerns over use of phones and tech addiction? By giving consumers controls so that they can better manage their lives and use them as tools for productivity and resources of entertainment. By giving consumers a choice of controls and a set of assets to choose from, while not removing consumer choice.

Some technologies that are being put in place such as anti-bullying software, monitoring data consumption, and presenting messaging and notices specific to the user and their data consumption.

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