It’s been a long time awaiting his moment to shine. Michael McGrew is as patient as patient can be and has proved it over the years as a single father and businessman. After completing two seasons as a lighting technician for B.E.T in ’99, he took full responsibility as a single parent to his loving son Kierre McGrew. Since self publishing his first novel in ’08 Michael McGrew has completed his third along with three children’s books; story editing for two reality shows and a screenplay. Born and raised in the south side of Los Angeles, CA, Michael Mcgrew’s past is a living testimony that represents the epitome of struggle and relates to many success stories heard daily.

After the success of his first novel “My Kinda Girl” which sold 5000 copies independently its first year, Michael saw the potential in picking up writing as a profession and developed a blueprint to becoming a successful publisher. Combining his love for storytelling with his marketing niche, he started Legacy Publishing Group LLC, and has obliged himself to sell more than just stories in print. “My affiliates who specialize in marketing, branding and advertisement see my vision clearly and Legacy Publishing Group will distribute material accepted by multiple genre’s and adapt to it’s lifestyle. It’s the new wave of literature” Say’s Michael and is so passionate about the future of his publishing company. Michael Mcgrew is an ambitious and clever writer who sets trends instead of following them and has definitely found his home as a publisher and business man.

Michael Mcgrew can be described in one word, “Visionary”. Naturally born with a gift in storytelling, writing a gripping novel is a walk in the park for this Los Angeles native. When asked about his role models and inspiration growing up, he simply explained that “When you define yourself, you confine yourself. Being a writer gives me freedom, the freedom to be optimistic and open minded.” He is a very diverse individual with a mind that will surely challenge his readers with hopes to inspire young writers and entrepreneurs.