We have to stop extolling erratic and dopey exhibits from our female celebrities, especially in entertainment industry. There have been several encounters of them showing off intimate parts of the body each time to their fans regardless of our highly cherished local etiquette and custom.

If we must perceive the change clamoring for decades, then we should take a momentous action to make our society an enabling environment to be proud of before unpleasant, non-chalant attitude of our beloved female entertainers will escalate beyond control.

This is really problematic in nature, but with our selfless collaborative assiduous we must overcome. The government must be awakened from the slumber of these female celebrities to do the needful expected of them without being biased because of the existing human right laws can lead to disastrous outcome. Most especially in this era of democratic dispensation enjoyed by many nationality, which gives certain privilege to people.

Believe me, nothing is special about most of our ladies in the industry today who claim to be gorgeous but wisdom-less, just existing without living. They only prefer the culture of being naked each time on public scene, instead of dressing properly as a responsible actress.

Understanding is a virtue for crying out loud. Fashion does not mean nakedness. The take it or leave it views may be the cause in making some of us to go astray.

Meanwhile it will interest me to let you know that showing off your private signifies insanity and unfortunately the elite are not paying attention to the aftermath, but busy playing anomalistic politics for enrichment and other hidden interior motives.

Any woman that appear to be naked publicly is a maladjusted personality who needs urgent psychiatric intervention for diagnose or competent guidance counselor to help her replace her maladaptive behavior with an adaptive one. The reason being that such individual maybe suffering from schizophrenia or lacks moral values that has been in existence even before unforgivable British colony.

As a concerned activist, I advise you to desist from being unconsciousness minded and act in accordance with generally accepted way of life in the country, also strive hard to disregard some western lifestyle, so called civilization because we’re unique in our own way made of black and black we shall remain. It is not wise to neglect or deviate from what you’re made up of, rather showcase beauty of your cultural origin in an unusual manner. Extensively representing your motherland will be of spectacular than disgracing us before other nationality.

Cease struggling to eliminate our envious inheritance that should be ever liveth. Yes, It is paramount to imbibe the spirit of self discipline, and have it in mind that you will one day become a mother, and also consider the fact that our young teenagers and youths cannot stop looking up to you with a penchant of becoming a celebrity in the nearest future.

These girls are easily influenced and even fast in learning bad behavior to good ones. So tell me how would you feel, if you’re known to be agent of destruction and commercial sex worker in disguise, who is intentionally using indecent outfit to gain popularity, spread immorality, encourage nakedness and increase rape amongst the youths.

If your primary reason is to be sexy, then you will always attract men whose primary reason is to have sex. Please ponder these kind of publicity report, from articulate person. which is not ordinary. help someone to make the right choice. nakedness can never be part of our culture, neither a criteria of becoming famous.

I use to cry each time, I see our ladies who should have been role model of our time, making fun of them self, encouraging immorality, living a fake life like someone who is as good as a failure. Intense to go extra mile in order to remain on top of the headlines without anything tangible to be remembered of. So poised to destroy this great generation with unacceptable habitual mimicker.

You can’t change history, but you can learn from it.

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