Idris Elba on Racism in the U.S. and the “Concrete Cowboy”

Idris Elba stars in “Concrete Cowboy a critically acclaimed new movie about at-risk Black youths and horse owners in Philadelphia, offering a poignant message at a time of mass-racism protests here in the United States.

The film follows a young black man (Caleb McLaughlin of “Stranger Things“) who returns to an impoverished Philadelphia ghetto. He must choose between life of crime and the close-knot horse-rearing community of his estranged father (Elba).

When asked about the US anti-Black violence Elba stated, “It was important to us to tell this story of the fork in the road that you take as a young man in this country. America didn’t change overnight. These are issues that have been going on for a long time.”

He added even in England there’s a knife-crime problem. As characters in the film discuss, black cowboys were widespread but have been whitewashed out of history by Hollywood, and Black urban riding clubs remain a proud if little-known tradition.

Concrete Cowboy” was shot for less than $10 million and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival receiving high praise.

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