I Hate My Life

In this time we need to know how important we are and what we represent. You’re giving up on the wrong things like: Your family, your schooling, your community service activities, your jobs, your self respect and you’re not giving up the drugs, the sex, pornography, the disrespect towards your own people, the violence, the hatred. You accept that and are full steam ahead. We need to rise because many are committing suicide or wants to commit suicide and that’s not their decision to make. We need leaders to step up and take the mantle!

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Howard Lee III is a Published Author, Entrepreneur, Youth Empowerment Champion, Community Relationship Pioneer, and a Creative Arts Specialist who has improved the living conditions of hundreds of families and youth. He is a spoken word artist and created an empowerment platform to teach the art of poetry called: StoryBook Xtreme at storybookxtreme.com. Howard has written 5 Op-Ed articles for the Telegraph Herald newspaper surrounding the topic: community relationships, youth empowerment and community activism.

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