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Husband and Wife Duo Resurrect Legendary Miami Hotel to Create Historic Rooted Bed and Breakfast

Miami is known for its rich culture and exoticness. Most are aware of the city’s vibrant latin flavor, but the city is also enriched with Caribbean, Haitian, and Black history which also has helped to give Miami culture.

With deep rooted African history it is only obvious that you’ll be supporting a Black owned business or two during your visit. One of those businesses to support is Copper Door B&B. Hospitality industry veteran Jamila Ross co-owns the vintage-inspired B&B with her husband Akino West.

Location: Outskirts of Miami

The Copper Door B&B is located in the Overtown area of Miami and it focuses on an intimate experience for guests all while featuring chef-driven amenities and local goods. The founders have a passion for creating a good time within a unique lodging experience.

The Copper Door was originally supposed to be a walk-through for an eatery concept in Little Havana; however, it then turned into what the owners were looking for. After hearing their vision for a modern bed and breakfast, The Barlington Group showed them the property and it all fell into place. There was no hesitation on the redeveloping neighborhood or an ounce of desire for a trendier area. They wanted something unique and filled with character, so they felt right at home.

The building that The Copper Door B&B is housed in was built in the 40s and is the ideal spot for a bed and breakfast. Each room is quaint and intimate and perfect for a couples getaway or the solo traveler who wants to explore the town.

Two weeks before launching, The Copper Door opened up reservations and within minutes they had their first bite and the rest is history!

A fun fact is that the hotel that the B&B is now inhabiting was one of the very first interracial spaces within the area. It welcomed both black and white patrons in a time when Overtown was known as “Color Town” and integration was a northern concept.

And lastly, a bed and breakfast wouldn’t be the spot without some great food! Aside from the 22 themed rooms and a communal space, The Copper B&B offers the perfect Southern Bougie breakfast. After waking up to a beach city view, roll on downstairs to indulge in some orange-glazed cinnamon rolls or a smoked ham croqueta with chili aioli.


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