How to write the best cover letter and get hired

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So we all know that finding a GREAT job within our chosen career fields can at times be frustrating. Not because you’re not qualified for the job, but because hundreds of other people are going after the same job as you. So with all these people applying for one position, you start to get stressed and start doubting yourself. You start thinking, “how in the world am i going to stand out?” “I bounced around from job to job too much” or “what if they don’t pay me what I’m worth”. All these questions lead up to one answer.

They key to standing out and landing that job interview, lays in a great cover letter. Most applicants do not even send in a cover letter. The majority send in a resume, hoping to get a call back. Then the ones that do send in a cover letter, copy, paste, and transfer their own words onto a template that they Googled. But the rest,  a small percentage, and the ones who land the job, take their time to craft a personal cover letter that is sure  to stand out.

Below are the four steps in how to write the best cover letter and land that career of your dreams:

Start with why you value the company. What makes the company stand out to you. What has this company done that in the past that made you want to one day be a part of it.

  1. This shows the employer that you not only have passion for the company, but that you KNOW the company. Too many people apply for jobs, but at the end the day they DO NOT know anything about the company. Hindsight, then they wonder why they never got a call and/or keep receiving rejection letters. Just don’t work for a company for the money or to pay the bills, that;s called a job, A career is your passion that you are blessed to get paid for.
  2. Next paragraph, why do you want to work for the company.What makes this company one that you want to work for. What do they do that peaks your interest. Do they have a great 401 (k) plan where you see a long-term investment in the company? Whatever it, let the employer know.
  3. Next, what can YOU bring to the company and what are you willing to learn. This is crucial. This is where you get to wave your flag and showcase you skills set, but in order to not come off as cocky, you MUST balance it out with what you are willing to learn from the company. This shows the employer that you are not only qualified for the position, but that you are open to learning new skills and learning the ways that the company does things.
  4. And finally, close it off to why they should hire you. Please do not get cocky. Keep it simple and short. For example, you can say something like, “I would be more than happy to bring my abilities to your organization. I understand and adhere to important deadlines, easy to work with, and can multi-task on different projects when needed.”

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