How to Survive Graduate School: The List to Live By

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Congratulations, you survived undergrad. Receiving that diploma that represents four years of your hard work and late nights is possibly your biggest accomplishment thus far.

However, it’s not over yet. For those of you who have decided to go that extra mile and enroll in graduate school, you may find yourself wanting to run home to your mother after the first month.

You may have realized by now that undergrad was a breeze. In addition to you actually living in the “real world” and paying “adult bills” (For those who are not fortunate to have their parents support them until they’re 30!), the reading assignments are doubled, the writing assignments are tripled, and the in class discussions are much more in depth and challenging.

You shouldn’t be discouraged though. There is a way to successfully balance school, work, finance, and social life without completely going insane.

Graduate Check List

  1. Buy Your Books, You Will Need Them!

  2. Study! Read! Study!

  3. Do Not Procrastinate

  4. Challenge Yourself To Think Beyond The Surface (That’s What Your Professors Want You To Do)

  5. Ask Your Professors Questions

  6. Get A Planner/Organizer

  7. Network, Network, Network

  8. Organize And Plan Ahead

  9. Form Study Groups

  10. Budget Your Money

  11. Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity

  12. Take Initiative (No One Will Give You A Handout)

  13. Try To Have Fun

  14. Do Something Nice For Yourself Every Once In A While

  15. *Time Management Is Key

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