How to “skin a cat”- the perfect winged, cat eye look

Tired of the same makeup look every day? Ladies, at some point we all need a change to spice up our look. Whether it’s Katy Perrywith her feathery, fake lashes or Lady Gaga with her dramatic winged eyeliner; pulling off a dramatic look that is still appropriate for daytime wear can be tricky. Renowned makeup artist in Hollywood, Wendi San George, gave me a play by play of how to do the perfect cat eye that she uses on her Deal or No Deal models along with many other celebrities under the television spotlight today.

“First, I create my shadows and highlight. The actual liner is the second to the last thing I do in the look. I prefer to lay down a layer of crème shadow in a light color, a shimmer for nightwear and a matte for daywear. I love MAC ‘s “Chilled on Ice” for this look. I then work the shadow into the crease and back down into a ‘C’ shape. A deeper brown, such as “Brun” by MAC, would be the perfect choice for the outer corner of the eye. I also love the “Full Exposure” palette by Smashbox. Dip into the carbon colors and use the light crèmes to blend under your brow bone, but please, please don’t forget to change brushes from darks to lights. Never double dip colors; we want those cat eyes to pop!!”

“The best pencil for this look is ‘Votre Vu’s Le Joli Crayon’ in black. It is so smooth and easy to shape with a fine liner brush. The best part is that it will dry and not move. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of your eye, making it slightly thicker as you draw your line to the outer corner; begin to wing to a fine point toward the end. Don’t make the mistake and go too far. We are not Vegas show girls. Just a little drama is perfect to make the eyes stand out. To finish this look and bring out the depth, go over your pencil liner with a liquid line. I personally love MAC’s liquid eyeliner in Black.”

If you’re going for a less dramatic daytime look, you could simply apply some mascara and a nude lip and call it a day!

For nighttime to make the look pop even more, fake lashes are the perfect way to go for a look like this. It really draws attention to the eyes and the winged liner at the outer corner. Wendi recommends the Ardell line for fake lashes. A feathery fake lash is best for this look. For those wanting to go extremely dramatic, a burgundy lip would look beautiful but may distract a bit from the eyes. Whether you’re going to work or going on a date with a handsome man, try this look and spice up your routine for any eye color or shape.

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