How to Find The Right Relationship

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Summer time is right around the corner and people are still out lurking for ‘bae’ and anticipating on taking a few ‘bae-cations’ or hoping to meet ‘the one’ while they are on summer vacation. But before you complete your search, there are a few tips on how to find the right relationship. You never know, you may have bumped into your future spouse and not have realized it yet. 

  1. Know Yourself. It’s a must to know your deal breakers, your personality quirks and what you may want in someone in order to find balance.
  2. Know who you’re looking for. Grab a piece of paper and make three columns. Label one column “non-non-negotiables”, label one “negotiable”, and the other “Don’t Care.” Now fill them in.
  3. Put Yourself Out There. Join dating sites, dating apps and go to social events around your community.
  4. Let someone pursue you. Let someone nail down a night to see you because they can’t stand the idea of letting anymore days go by without it.
  5. Give them a chance. It’s not really fair to judge someone based off of one date. You can’t learn enough in one date.
  6. Stop wondering if you’re right for them. So many times we get caught up in the question, “Am I the one for him/her?” And the answer is, “Who the hell cares?!” The question you SHOULD be asking is, “Is he/she right for ME?”

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