With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, couples all across America are getting their last minute plans together. Some are celebrating this weekend due to the love holiday falling on a Tuesday, which is also a work day, and some may even be celebrating this weekend and spending some time together after work per their usual evening routine.

However, there are those ladies who are single and are probably getting sick of seeing the commercials, restaurant deals, and decor in all the stores. We know this can be a tough time for some of you, especially those who want to do something special with that special someone.

In the midst of the lovers celebrations this weekend and the beginning of next week, we decided to compile a few tips on how you can deal and keep your emotions up to par through it all.

  1. Do a girls night in. If you have other single girlfriends, you guys should all get together for wine and movies. You guys can treat each other and have that quality girl time bonding that you probably so desperately need. Your girls will help you take the fact off you wishing that you weren’t single.
  2. Treat yourself. If you don’t have any single girlfriends, then treat yourself to something nice. Go on a mini shopping spree or treat yourself to that purse or that pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing for months now. Knowing that it is still there after so long of seeing it will make you feel better and the wait worth while.
  3. Werk werk werk. Okay so you don’t want to spend any money, but you rather make more of it, then work on some overdue projects. This extra time is the perfect time to perfect that craft or to get in a few hours of over time, which will make you forget about the festivities because when you come home, all you’ll want to do is crash on the couch with you work clothes still on.