How to Deal With an Achy Heart

How are we supposed to handle ourselves when dealing with a heartbreak? Some may say just to forget about the jerk and pop in a movie and chug some wine. Others may say to simply focus on yourself and just stop dating for a while. Although young in the dating world, I have found that heartbreak can hit you at any age, especially for young women, this period can be painful. It makes you question everything about yourself and whether there is something wrong with you that sparked the ending of this relationship.

The biggest mistake young women make is thinking that there is something wrong with themselves as opposed to chalking the situation up too. It just wasn’t meant to be or what will be will be. I felt the need to be candid. I’ve gone through extremely rough periods of my life and most of them were because of bullies, boys, and family trauma. I’ve gone through an eating disorder and consistently degrading myself because I just couldn’t comprehend why someone would put someone through this pain after everything good I had done for them, but in reality I was wrong.

It’s not about you or your issues that pushed the person away, it’s about either the timing not being right or the person not being right. I would never want another woman to go through the questioning of oneself and one’s worth as I did. Never let a friend or man make you feel less of yourself. Just because something doesn’t work at a certain time in life or at all, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Stay true to who you are and trust that day by day, things will fall into place as they are meant to. Never let someone make you feel the need to change.

Danielle Lewis
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Danielle is a 22-year-old college student at Chapman University pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. She has had an intense passion for writing ever since she was little. She was inspired to write poetry when going through a family hardship and from then on, she knew it was what she wanted to pursue. Her dream would be to write for a magazine after college so she is working hard to achieve that goal. She has had a beauty writing internship and love writing about relationships, beauty, and fashion.

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