How to Beat the Single Blues during the Summertime

It’s that time again. Summer is approaching and it’s time to watch all the happy couples posting their vacation pictures all over social media, laughing and PDA-ing at the beach…what’s a single girl to do?! For single women, the summer can be a long and boring few months. Here’s some ways to beat those single blues:

Indulge in a new book

Losing yourself in a new book is the perfect way to forget about anything else that is going on around you. There are so many great, new books that come out around summertime so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a good read. For women who love romantic novels I’d recommend something by Nicholas Sparks. For those of you who were 50 Shades fans I’d definitely recommend something like the Crossfire series.

Spa Day

Pampering yourself is the perfect way to make yourself feel confident and good about yourself. Even if you can’t afford to go to a spa, having a day devoted to doing your nails and toes, a face mask, etc., makes you just feel relaxed and at ease.


Laying out by the pool and catching some rays is a fantastic thing to do in your free time during the summer months. I know all of us pale ladies probably wish we had some color, well now’s the perfect time to start! Ditch the fake tanner for a few months and get some of the real stuff!

Working out

Working out, doing yoga, hiking, or whatever you prefer, I find definitely helps keep you sane and in a healthy place. Studies actually show that working out helps you to actually think more positively and have a happier attitude.


Going to the mall and doing some retail therapy is a fantastic way to focus on YOU. Buy yourself a couple new things to spice up your wardrobe or a couple new bath products. Doing things to make yourself feel confident and good in your own skin and being alone is what it’s all about.

Girls Nights

The most important thing is spending time with girl friends. Whether its a movie night in or grabbing drinks and hitting the town, spending time with your girl friends and making fantastic memories is necessary now and then and important to keeping positivity.

Danielle Lewis
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Danielle is a 22-year-old college student at Chapman University pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. She has had an intense passion for writing ever since she was little. She was inspired to write poetry when going through a family hardship and from then on, she knew it was what she wanted to pursue. Her dream would be to write for a magazine after college so she is working hard to achieve that goal. She has had a beauty writing internship and love writing about relationships, beauty, and fashion.

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