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First impressions are always unforgettable, whether good or bad, the mark that you first leave on a person usually helps him or her determine whether he or she wants to continue to deal with you. If they like what they see, hear, or yes even smell, they will be like hmm…”What’s that girl’s name? She had such and such on, was really nice, and oh yeah smelled freakin’ bomb! How is she?” A person’s hygiene and smell is above all the most memorable thing that a person remembers about something, so if you smell good they’ll be begging for you to come around again. Even if they don’t beg, they’ll light up when they do see you again especially if you have that scent on again.

This is what visionary, alchemist and fragrance designer Kim Spadaro had in mind when she created Spadaro Fine Fragrances. Her perfume line features a range of scents that are deeply personal yet inspirational to others. Each fragrance is inspired by a different destination and brings to life a moment in time experienced during Kim’s journeys.

By carrying out her vision to develop Spadaro Fragrances, she is able to bottle up her own memories drop by drop into exotic and sensual perfumes as a way to keep the experience alive. From dancing with torch-bearing Majorcan fire dancers to yachting the Mediterranean to speeding through the streets of Casablanca and wandering the villages of Marrakech, jet setter Kim Spadaro created exotic and sensual perfumes and lifestyle products inspired by her travels. In just a few years, Spadaro Luxury Fragrances has become an internationally recognized perfume company known for scents and authentic stories that transport all who experience them to faraway places.

“I cherish memories of my mom and the many skills that she taught me. Each fragrance that I now create is infused with soul and love. Each is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and the journey of self-discovery.” ~ Kim Spadaro

I was recently sent two samples of different scents to try out. Here is what I thought about each of them.This one has a similar scent to the perfume below, but it is a tad bit more stronger. This one would be perfect to toss on real quick for date night or a special cocktail party. When I smell Sole Nero, I think of throwing on that little black or red dress with slingback, peep toe heels and some pearls, then hitting up a local lounge with the girls or a date night with the boo overlooking the ocean.

This scent is soft, yet sweet and very memorable. It reminds me of some of the scents that the ladies wear at church. It’s strong enough to want to make a lasting impression, but suttle to where you won’t feel like your nose is going to fall off. I would recommend buying this for your mother or hip, modern Grandmother. They would love it. Plus, Christmas is coming up and if you don’t know what to get either one of them, but you know they love perfume, this one would be perfect!

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