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Black History

His Legacy Must Continue

His legacy continues! Let's not celebrate a man that had a sturdy footprint in history on just one day, we should celebrate it the rest of the 364 days. His platform and his voice made an impact on the masses within the Black community. Speaking up for injustice, being a leader... a leader that possessed everything that embodied wha…


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His Legacy Must Continue
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Ajoa Harris is an Environmentalist, Small Business Owner, and Creative Writer. She is known to be a funny, smart, and an outgoing individual. Graduating from Tuskegee University with a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science and a MBA in Environmental Management, from Ashford University. She found that Business and Management was another calling, along side of being a Conservationist. ADH Marketing & Consulting LLC is a minority and woman owned small business, which specializes in the overall growth of Small and Minority Owned, Agricultural & Small Businesses. The mission of ADH Marketing & Consulting LLC is to be the highly personalized and trustworthy resource that is available to landowners and business owners to progress their vision.

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Black History

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