Hip-Hop Recording Artist MESSIAH RAMKISSOON Releases Music Video For His Powerful and Inspirational Single, “BLACK FATHERS”

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BLACK FATHERS” from Hip-hop recording artist, poet and incarcerated youth activist, MESSIAH RAMKISSOON. “BLACK FATHERS” is the debut single lifted from Messiah’s forthcoming project, “The Eye of Freedom,Vol.1” and is available on all platforms on Friday, November 22nd. “The Eye of Freedom, Vol. 1” will be released on February 21st.

“Black Fathers is a tribute and a call to action to black fathers. It is not meant to create silos or alienate from the inclusivity of all fathers, but rather an ode to a demographic that society itself has isolated for centuries; via separation from families during slavery, discrimination in the world of employment, welfare laws to create division and lack of value for their presence in the home, disproportionately imprisoned via unjust crime laws without being privy to the inheritances and resources others find attainable… the list goes on. However, “Black Fathers” does not embrace the victimization mindset but rather the ambitious act of responsibility that, despite whatever a father has experienced, a high quality presence in the life of his child is non-negotiable. It also encourages mothers to embrace this mindset and selflessly come to terms with the deserving child who is worthy and needy of the balance of mother and father. Lastly, “Black Fathers” celebrates the men who have gracefully superseded popular stereotypes and are the exemplars of relentless fathering and are irreplaceable assets to the family structure.” – Messiah Ramkissoon.


New York based poet/Hip-Hop artist and incarcerated youth activist, Messiah Ramkissoon, has a message: words possess power.

As a native of Trinidad and Tobago, from a household full of music and spirituality, Messiah credits his West Indian family for the roots and culture which have governed and influenced his life path. It was there, at the age of four, that Messiah first discovered the power of words, thanks to a second mother who encouraged him to write and perform poetry.

Journeying to The United States at the age of eleven, an experience that included struggles with the U.S. immigration and justice systems, Messiah’s early journey culminated with recognition as Youth of the Year by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and Maryland. This caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, whose scholarship award enabled Messiah to attend prestigious Howard University.

After graduating from Howard, Messiah began his career teaching poetry at Washington DC’s famed Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Beginning in 2007 and continuing to the present day in New York, Messiah has served as a mentor and programming liaison for incarcerated youth in Maryland, Washington and at Rikers Island.
Messiah is a three-time champion of the nationally-televised Apollo Theater showcase (his poem “Shareka Was A Champ” brought the Apollo crowd to their feet while illuminating the HIV crisis). Having shared platforms on many renowned stages, Messiah’s focus and passion remains centered in the purpose and devout execution of his artistry.

Messiah’s forthcoming groundbreaking record “The Eye of Freedom, Vol.1” will be released on 2.21.20 and his powerful and uplifting new single, “Black Fathers” is available on all platforms now.



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