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Hip Hop artist KB chats on new album, tour, and being free through music

Rising Hip Hop artist KB has been making quite a move within the industry during the past few months and only shows signs of progressing further. The Tamp, Florida native has been doing music professionally for the last 4 years. Prior to that it was just a career because he was broken in having to do everything for free. It wasn’t until the age of 13 when his parents divorced that he could really start expressing himself.

“Hip Hop was was shunned in my household when I was growing up which was reasonable because of how it was portrayed in the media, but I was drawn to it and would sneak an study the culture,” KB stated.

He continues, “When my parents divorced I was actually free to express myself and really be open about my love for it [hip hop].”

By the age of 16 he realized that he had a gift and how influential Hip Hip was to our generation. It’s about projecting your message and what you stand for and articulating it in a way that stirs people to action.

“I saw that hip hop did that and I wanted to be a part of it.”

From there KB started creating records and landed a record deal that launched his career. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the rising Hip Hop icon where he chatted on his experience in creating his latest album, “Tomorrow We Live”, his tour, and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.

You just recently released your “Tomorrow We Live”, how was the experience in working on that album?

The experience was fun, I was officially done with it last year although it didn’t come out until this year. I also did my EP “One Hundred” last year as well. In 2014, I felt like I had gotten to a place of confidence. I felt free to make the type of music that I liked and that my team liked. I care more about what is best for people as opposed to what people think about me, and I felt (and still do) a sense of freedom.

During that time I went to South Africa and spent some time in Cape Town and Johannesburg where I was able to write with my team and work on production while soaking in the inspiration of the mountains, the water and the culture. It was such a fun process! You only get that kind of joy when you’re free from the opinions of people. That is when you can really unlock your potential as an artist to create greater art.

What is one thing that you want people to take from your music?

I want them to have a sense of encouragement and to walk away with their hopes strong. I have felt very strongly about the afflictions and pain of people in my community [from Liberia the urban communities of the U.S.] I have felt very strongly in helping to heal the wounds. I want to be a part of the healing process, and I want my album to be apart of healing for the hurting everywhere. I think music is a great medium to do that.

You got the experience to work with Lecrae, how was that experience?

Lecrae is my homie. He is the guy that discovered me, along with Ben Washer, they are both the owners of Reach Records. Ben Washer literally came to the hood of Tampa, Florida and picked me up from my Grandmother’s house and we went to Applebee’s then Starbucks, and I signed the contract. I have a personal place in my heart for Crae. He’s been a mentor to be throughout the years and has been very helpful in helping me think about  how to move forward and what my place in the movement is, as well as finding my voice. Working with Lecrae is always fun and is like working with family.

I remember when I first met I didn’t want to give off the impression that I was star struck even though in my heart I was “Oh my gosh it’s Lecrae!” I was able to move past that stage and get comfortable around him and now consider him as a leader, friend, and mentor in my life. It is always fun in the studio with him; we end up talking about everything besides the music [laughs].

What’s next for you, between now and the next six months to a year?

I am really excited about taking my live show on the road. I approach my concerts like I do my album with a vision, a sound, and a concept. I have some tours lined up and I am on one right now, which is kind of like an album release tour for the month of May. I am very excited to share it with the world.

What’s one thing that people wouldn’t know about you that they can’t find on your social media sites?

I really struggle with bad service. If I’m paying for something and I get bad service, I have no problem with getting up and leaving. I have to have friends that keep me in check. That’s probably one of the areas in my life that I need the Lord to help me with [laughs].

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love family outings. I’m an old man at heart, if I could I would buy a minivan but my wife won’t let me [laughs]. I love just doing family stuff. I love dating my wife and taking her out and showing her a good time and making her smile, and taking my baby out to the pool and creating little moments that are fun for him. I hate to say that I do it in my free time because it is a priority to me.

Anything else that the readers should know?

They can keep up with me at Every aspect of my life for the most part has been displayed on it from documentaries, music videos, streamed music, everything.

Thank you KB!


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