Hip-Hop Ambassador, Gina Jay, Empowers the Culture

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One way that our community grows is through networking. Networking is key and a trending way to network is through brand ambassadorship. Gina Jay is a CEO, Public Figure, Host and Content Creator. She is also a brand ambassador for several brands. I recently interviewed her on some of the amazing things that she is doing in the community of Los Angeles. Check out the interview below:

Can you please tell myself and our reader’s about yourself? 

Blessings readers, I am Gina Jay. I like to say I’m just a everyday women in love with networking and empowering the culture.  

Growing up and still until this day who or what inspires you?  

My mother was my inspiration. She’s always been a Go-getter, which inspired me to get up and chase my dreams.  

What influenced you to be such an instrumental part of the I am Hip-Hop TV Family & Rehab Radio family? 

The Rehab Radio is my family. I was there for the support and growth of my loved ones. I was recognized by the CCO of the I Am Hip-Hop TV through my networking and came in feet to the ground for brand awareness and successfully worked my way to my current position which is the CEO.   

What are your views on the current state of the Hip-Hop industry? 

That we as a culture should embrace the evolution of Hip-Hop/Rap. Fades come in and out and at our current state we are billboard topping as one, The Culture.   

Do you think Hip-Hop has somewhat lost it’s meaning and message since the 90’s? 

Nothing stays the same and the message does change. Heck, independent artist are winning which introduces new record labels and platforms. The dollar is digital when it used to be physical for a CD. Prior to that was records. Again, nothing stays the same. We all have to adjust to the generational change, even if it’s the message. Our parents once thought as kids we listened to junk music and would blame our generation for not knowing, so do we blame the parents for not teaching.  

What brands do you represent as an ambassador? 

Oh boy! Of course I am Hip-Hop TV, Smoke Yours Crew and Smoking Sisters Society.    

Do you believe weed should be legalized throughout America? 

Abso – Fuk’n – lutely! It’s A God Given Medicating Herb.   

Weed has a lot of beneficial medical purposes as well as recreational. If you could help fuel legalization across America what would your message be? 

Before you judge do your research. It’s a natural medicine curing many suffering patients. Don’t knock it til’ you try it. It may be beneficial to you.  

Any words of wisdom you would like to offer your fellow millennials on entrepreneurship

I do wanna share if you’re an upcoming artist come with some kind of financial backings or an investor. The art requires a production. That’s if you haven’t already built a hungry team. Don’t stop achieving. You’re going to hit some road blocks, but keep driving towards your dreams. Research what you don’t know & and continue to grow.

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