High Desert Hip Hop Pioneer, Justified Smith, Takes Fatherhood Engagement to Another Level

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Recording artist and community raptivist, Justified Smith is back on a mission in the name of FATHERHOOD! Being well known for his work in the High Desert community, Justified has taken fatherhood engagement to another level by reaching out to the hip hop community to stand alongside him as FATHERS IN HIP HOP (FIHH). Some of his Hip Hop partners active in the movement include: Lynwood natives Nephew Michael and Roc Box of Rhyme Rocca Ent, Urg 7, Tha Chill from the group COMPTONS MOST WANTED and Diirty Og’z,Twin brothers Big2daboy and J2DaNut, Big Doty from Gardena, gospel recording artist 2FACE and Dunamis, amongst a host of other influential artist highly respected in their individual communities.  

Justified and his daughters

FIHH takes an intimate and up-close look into the testimony of various Influential hip hop artists in regards to their experiences and definitions of fatherhood. To often these types of artist are categorized as dead-beat dads and judged by their genre of music instead of who they are as fathers.

The movement covers testimony by men discussing fatherhood from a variety of angles, exploring resources and introducing tips to better aid men in raising their children. It covers financial planning, which includes life insurance and other means of providing security and provisions for their children’s future.

FIHH brings awareness to the importance of being an active father in a child’s life regardless of the circumstances. It will expose the effects that carry over into adulthood stemming from the absence of a father figure.  FATHERS IN HIP HOP is impacting fatherhood engagement around the world!

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