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Heated Charter School Debates Ignore One Key Fact: Black Students Are Underperforming In Our Schools

Photo By: Russell Stiger Jr.: Town hall panelist Dr. Margaret Fortune, President/CEO, Fortune School, Larry Lee, Publisher, The Sacramento Observer, Dr.Romel Antoine, Director Regulatory Affairs, California Charter Schools AssociationHazel Mahone, Professor Emeritus, Sacramento State University and, Pastor Tecoy Porter, President of National Action Network, Sacramento Chapter at Is School Choice is the Black Choice? Hosted by Roland Martin April 23 at the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Sacramento.

African-American children are California’s lowest performing group of students, only above students with special needs. Only 2 percent of Black kids in the state attend schools that are considered “high performing.” And only 10 majority African-American schools, located mostly in hard-to-count, high-poverty census tracts around the Bay Area and Los Angeles, score, on average, above the state math and language arts requirements. 

On top of that, nearly 68 percent of all African-American students in California perform below their grade level in English and language arts. In math, about 80 percent of Black students fail to meet the state’s proficiency mark.

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