Healthy Love Versus Unhealthy Love: All Relationships A’int Good

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We all heard the phrase, “All relationships a’int good,” which is why the ones that are good eventually end, but just because a relationship ends doesn’t always mean it was bad. It just means that the two people just weren’t meant to last forever and that they needed a healthier relationship. So, how can you tell if the love that you’re receiving is healthy or not? Below we listed how to differ the two.

Healthy Love:

  • Allows for individuality

  • Brings out partners’ best qualities

  • Accepts endings

  • Experiences openness to change

  • Invites growth in the partner

  • Experienced true intimacy

  • Finds pleasure in going and receiving

  • Does not try to change partner

  • Accepts limitations of self and partner

  • Does not seek unconditional love

  • Has individual high self-esteem

  • Trusts the memory of the partner

  • Expresses feelings spontaneously

  • Welcomes affection and closeness

  • Believes in equality

Unhealthy Love: 

  • Feelings consumed in the relationship

  • Extremely afraid to let go

  • Excessive fear of risk or change

  • Little individual growth

  • Few try intimate experiences

  • Playing mind games

  • Trying to get something by giving

  • Trying to change people

  • Needing others to feel secure and happy

  • Refusing to commit

  • Repeatedly experience of negative feelings

  • Being afraid of affection and closeness

  • Cares with excessive detachment

  • Frequent playing of “power games

  • Looking to others for self-worth

Soulmates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but they are always perfect for you.” -Unknown

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