Health Entrepreneur, A.D. Dolphin, Helps People Jumpstart their Health for the New Year

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A.D. Dolphin, grandson of 1940s and 50s music mogul John Dolphin, launched his company, Dherbs Inc., in 2004. Dherbs catalyzed an evolution in the use of herbs as a clear pathway to excellent health, healing, and an improved way of life.

A.D. explains, “I always knew I would be an entrepreneur. Everyone in my family owned their own businesses and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.”

He pursued a career as a professional basketball player and found success overseas in Australia. Upon returning home from Australia A.D. began coaching and professionally training. His reputation grew rapidly and amassed 300 private basketball students in under 2 months.

“I saw how clients learned and what worked for them,” Dolphin says. “I trained each client not only according to their desires, but also to their needs.” Dolphin became a trusted ally, friend, and mentee of his high profile clients.

Sideline conversations propelled A.D into real estate & music, but he found the most success with his herbal supplement business, Dherbs. A.D. road tested what is still the company’s #1 product to date, the Full Body Cleanse. Within 7 days of the 20-day cleanse, Dolphin felt that his energy increased, his sleep was better, his thoughts were clearer, and he kicked his soda addiction. Dolphin decided to launch Dherbs as an online company. ‘I didn’t even have an email”, he laughs.Since 2004 when A.D. and his 2 partners opened the virtual doors of, they have not looked back. After over a decade of growth and success, A.D. is in the herb business to stay. “There is nothing like the feeling you get when you start helping people.”

Dolphin’s philosophy is simple and clear, “The body can heal itself if it has the right fuel.” Dherbs has over 400 herbal products that can help remedy a variety of health ailments. A.D. does not rest on the laurels of financial success. He has a thirst for knowledge and information to share with clients that distinguishes him as a leader in the field of health and wellness.

How did you get involved in the health coaching field?

I kind of fell into it I began helping myself and my  family after the ending of my Australian basketball career I started to gain weight so I just began doing it to maintain and help others and things just took off from there.

What influenced you to create your own herbal line?

I experimented with a few different cleansers and came up with the thought I could make one better. So I hired a herbalist and we came up with a list of herbs that cleanse the body as a whole to complete our holistic approach.

What are some of the benefits your line offer that others don’t?

My brand is pretty much like every other except one or two factors the 1st being mine is strictly organic and 2nd we use a vegetarian capsule that other brands don’t. I use vegetarian capsules because they don’t have any meat product which makes them easier to absorb.

How has being a successful entrepreneur impacted your life in unexpected ways?

Good question actually two unexpected things while starting out I was able to help my mother lose 50 pounds in a 4 month period and also gives me the opportunity to help so many other people in life.

Can you tell us about your Dherb 180 challenge?

70 percent of us are on that wrong path, and this is a way to just try & sell people in a small amount of time with 40 days these items can help your body and not only sort term you can also change your life long term vision. That’s really what the challenge is about what you’re going to do when given the opportunity to turn your life around 180 degrees eating raw pure organic veggies no meats two 20 day detox and registration to win up to $5,000 by entering and losing weight. 

Any words of wisdom or advice you want to offer the next generation or millennial?

In life you have to go out here and be your own boss and make more opportunity in a year to date than a year ago. You have to be someone that punches the clock every time you create, create your own clock rolled to hire or fire, attention the best message that can give the manifestation to be your own thing nowadays is a dolphin I want true.

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