Haitian-American Writer, Entrepreneur Provides Healing and Purpose in the Release of First Book, I Am Healed

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Many times life can become intensely unpredictable and somewhat trying. With that being said, people are sometimes bound to lose their sense of purpose and identity, and in turn they become broken and feel stagnant on their journey to fulfilling their dreams. Haitian-American writer and entrepreneur, Britney D. Laborde, is giving people a sense of hope, purpose and healing with the release of her book, “I Am Healed”.

I Am Healed’ was created to give people a sense of hope for their future, strength to keep going and the willingness to fight for their destiny,” Laborde explains. “I want my readers to know that everything you were brought to; you were built to grow through.”

Throughout the pages of the book, Britney incorporates her personal journey as a living testimony that you can find healing, restoration and power from within if you only believe, have a positive mind, and trust that all things are working together for your good.

“I Am Healed” is scheduled for release on Amazon on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. To stay updated on the release of the book and events, follow I Am Healed Movement on Instagram @iamhealedmovement.


Britney D. Laborde is a Haitian-American writer, entrepreneur and Founder of I Am Healed Movement; a platform created to give creatives an opportunity to share their trials and triumphs all while unveiling their potentials to thrive in their purpose. 

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