Gospel Vocalist and Daughter of Al Green, Rubi Green, celebrates CD Release and Birthday.

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The daughter of Al Green showed herself to be an awesome talent recently at the 1500 Sound Academy Los Angeles recording studio, where she performed a melodic journey down her gospel play lists of hits that was alternately powerful and inspiring.

Rubi engaged the audience with fun and laughter as she shared the back story of how each song was inspired and the messages that she desires to resonate to her audiences.

The new release, ‘Summa Jesus’, features a fusion of hip hop and gospel beats. Green states, “The music is a contemporary, hip hop beat, embraced by the younger generation, however the lyrics can easily impact the hearts of the ‘mature believer as well.” Green says, “It’s important that my music can relate to every generation.”

Supported by her talented team, husband Grammy winner Dammo Farmer and manager Nisan Stewart, Green performed each musical selection with passion and spiritual precision. “Summa Jesus”, CD feature song ‘What’s Sup’ is a potpourri of hip-hop gospel that encourages individuals to remain faithful to God and to witness to his unfailing love. ‘God Is On Your Side’ highlights strong electronic beats, under Rubi’s stellar vocals, and is a reminder to all that God Never Fails. The entire CD is profoundly inspiring, a must have for gospel enthusiasts.

Numerous friends and family members came out in support of Green’s birthday celebration and CD listening party. Guests included Dove winner and Grammy nominated Mali Music, R&B songwriter and performer Major, and renown gospel music director/performer Jason McGee and more. However, the highlight ‘Red Carpet’ surprise for Rubi, was seeing her mother Shirley Green, and family members who flew in from Chicago, Ill. to surprise her and be present for her special day. 

Shirley Green, a renown stellar vocal artist/coach, shared with HDIV News regarding her daughters musical background, she said, “Rubi was raised in the church. She and her sisters formed a singing group, the ‘Green Sisters’, and sang in numerous churches and community events.  Shirley Green continued, “As a small child, Rubi always said that she wanted to become an Evangelist, so perhaps this is her way of ministering and sharing God’s word.”

Rubi readily confides that her amazing gifts and love for music comes equally from both parents, Al and Shirley Green, who each possess outstanding and legendary musical talents. 

HDIV News asked Rubi Green, ‘What does your Father, Al Green, think of your career?’ She replied with confidence, “He is really happy and excited for me.” “ My father always taught me to follow my dreams, and no matter how difficult it may seem to never give up.”  

When asked if she would consider ever singing or recording with her father, such as the late great father-daughter musical duo, Nat and Natalie Cole? Green commented, “Yes, absolutely!” “ I w0uld love to sing with my father, that is definitely something I will be working towards very soon.”

Al Green, aka Rev. Al Green is known as one of the most gifted purveyors of soul music throughout the early 60’s-2008. He has since retired from secular music and devotes himself to ministry, and pastors his church in Memphis, Tennessee.

HDIV News would like to thank the professional team of Jeremy Glover PR firm for assisting in making this an awesome and memorable event!

Rubi Green will be performing her latest CD on October 14, at the 2018 Triumphant Servants Awards event.  Mt. Rubidoux Church in Riverside at 5 p.m. Call (760) 298-1787 for ticket information.

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