Getting to know Upcoming Songtress Royalteaz

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I took some time away from doing upcoming artists not for the fact that I was unable to reach out to them, but for the simple fact that I wanted to take the time to get to know the upcoming artist that I was not just interviewing, but giving their fans some insight into who they are as an artist, and what motivates them to continue doing what they love and inspires them. So I found  myself hitting I-10 taking it to I-49 up to Dallas, Texas where I was able to be blessed and have the pleasure of sitting down with my first female artist Royalteaz, and I have to say she is truly an upcoming diva in the game with some positive insight on not just music but life as well.

Introduce yourself to your fans and to the people who haven’t experienced your musical talents.

What’s poppin! I’m Royalteaz. Grinding in and out of Dallas, TX royal teazin em’ with my sound. I adore hip hop and r&b drives me, my music is dirty south inspired. However, I can write all kinds of songs from pop to gospel. I am a recording artist/songwriter who explores new possibilities with sounds so I may sing or rap some flows depending on how I feel. I do no call myself a rapper because I have more of a singing background.

Have to say that was the best introduction I’ve gotten so far, and just to think it was only the intro. Being an inspiring and upcoming artist what are some of the things you feel you can bring to the industry that you feel it’s missing, and not getting enough of?

I have a different tone and style of arrangement. I bring a new sound that can be related to or compared, but separated from other female artists. I think the game can always use a new female vibe. I’m not trying to sound like anyone out there I got my own “boss lady” swag. I hear female artists calling themselves boss bitches and that’s them, but I’m doing me by representing the females who grind hard and do what they must do to get it the smart, hard and the right way.

Growing up in Texas who were some of the rappers, singers, or just musicians that influenced you?

Lil KeKe, SUC (Screwed Up Click), Cash Money, Eve, Nelly, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Missy

That’s a list of talented singers and rappers

Yes and there are many more

At what age did you figure that this was something that you wanted to pursue?

My parents tell me I was singing since I was 3 years old. I sung for my aunts in Virginia “Love Come Down” standing on top of a table. I stayed interested in music from grade school on up performing in talent shows in high school, and along with singing in the choir. I took those teachings and experiences and knew I was comfortable on stage. In college my roommate, myself and some other females started a group and performed on campus at   Texas Southern University (TSU). One rapped, I sung and the other was hype women. On occasions I hung out with some great musical influences as a young age chillin’ with stars that weren’t stars to the public yet. It’s a trip because I don’t remember how I ended up at these Houston hang outs. It was like I was asked spontaneously like “say come with me here or there.” Man I was blessed to be around these talented guys who flowed they ass off I mean I would just sit back and as they were spittin’ in their own way unlike any other I was intrigued and had to try. So I jumped in that freestyle session and it became an inspiration to get into the game ever since.

Can you remember the first rap CD you bought, or remember the lyrics to the first song you could rap word for word?

The first rap songs I memorized was Will Smith’s “Summertime” and LL Cool J “Around the Way Girl”

So were you an around the way girl in the summertime (laughs)?

(laugh) Let’s just say I had fun being a girl in the summertime’s

You have a song out called “Step The Game Up“.  What was the thought you put into that song that made you realize it was something you had to get in the studio and record?

Well, when I first started going into the studio I had no purchased tracks of my own so I just went in to sing or freestyle over some beats, or lay down something that I wrote to. Free-styling is fun for me but I needed to step it up as I felt in order to be taken seriously as an artist. In life generally I believe we should always continue to step our game up in whatever our endeavors are. So I wrote the song to help inspire myself and hopefully others as well to keep pushing to get better and do better.

On the track it has a unique sound that some may not have heard before. Who were the producers on that track?

Oh yea I have a desire for unique sounds and I was blessed to run into of Houston’s finest producers LoKey of Da BeatBakerz he has crazy tracks. I started writing “Step The Game Up” in November 2010 and sat it down for a minute and this was after the New Year entered I got back to working on it. After I laid it down I was then blessed to meet a talented producer/songwriter Peedy Pype, and he mixed it like cake mix. He really understood where I was going with the sound. In the song the lyrics include “Dripping paint from Dallas to Houston,” because that’s the first city I spent some boss lady bread on musically.

Do you plan on working with them on other tracks for your CD, and who are some other producers you are working with or looking to work with?. And are there any artists you will be collaborating with?

Yes, I do plan on working with some artists this year from Atlanta to Tennessee. I plan on collaborating with other Texas artist as well like Surreal of Swisha House. She has a dope flow that is different and I like different. I would love to haveGangsta (Lady) Boo on a feature, and Lil Chat those chicks go concrete A-1. On the male artist side boy oh boy everyone will just have to wait and see. There are a lot of gifted male artists in the DFW area and I will be working with them real soon. It’s going down! Yes, I am definitely working with Da BeatBakerz, Peedy Pypeagain and I still am. I have songs in the lab produced by Deezy Tha Producer on deck now, and I am always shopping other producers. The ball is rolling like Southside is still holding and Royalteaz is molding something so put your goggles on.

What genre or style do you consider your music to be because listening to your music you can hear some R&B with some rap?

Hip Hop/ Rap/ Pop/ Dirty South. I have written R&B songs but I don’t know if I will be the one singing it or not yet

What obstacles if any do feel stands in your way of you achieving what you desire in the music industry?

The only obstacles in this industry I am learning is that there is a lot of things that people who are not in the industry do not know, but I represent myself. I run with no crew, no click, no labels I have affiliations through business only, and I like to keep it like that. I don’t like to be told how to dress, how to wear my hair, what to say not to say, or how to say it. I tried that management thing guess I must have not met the right manager. New artist can really be bamboozled when they first come into the game, but I have been doing my studies for years before getting my feet wet so I can swim with the sharks.

The rap game hasn’t always been a place many females felt they could fit in with the male rappers. How do you feel those times have changed?

Lady MC’s are like the baking soda in the fridge keeps it fresh. Ladies can grind and shine on all kinds of levels now if they have the right persona. Its still not a walk in the park for female rappers at all and I will just leave it at that.

Looking back to the Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, to Missy Elliot how do see that they have paved the way for Da Brat, Trina, Nicki Minaj and yourself included?

Oh yes, the times have changed from where female rappers are respected, admired, and taken seriously because of Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot (legends) who made it possible for the future female rappers to shine. Those ladies brought that swag like no one had seen at those times. I have lots of respect for all ladies in the game Da Brat, Nicki Minaj, Shawanna, and Trina are beast-ettes.

Music isn’t the only thing you have your hands dipped into. What are some of the other things you have your hands on leaving your fingerprints on?

Most know my CPOC (Custom Paintings On Canvas) artwork dealings. I dip in graphic art design, promotions, marketing and AVP at a Fortune 500 company. I’m not going to do like that other self entitled boss we’ve grown to love and act like I never grinded at a 8 to 5. Yes, hustling like Ace, Ross and Wayne say. I’m a boss lady in many ways and of course that includes music.

Which do you feel takes the most out of you, or as you may feel keeps you motivated and determined to keep at it?

I have been putting off being serious about it for so long because I didn’t have myself together. There were times that I was grinding the wrong way trying to do backup for artists, and stuff that was just a waste of time. I got myself straight found my own swag, and prayed about it. I stay motivated now because I don’t want to look back 20 years later and say, what if? On top of that my family pushes and inspires me.

What can your fans and future fans expect from Royalteaz through her transition in the entertainment world?

My fans and future fans I give much respect because I was at first nervous that I wouldn’t be understood or could vibe to, but I have lots of support and I give mucho love right back. Upcoming things from Royalteaz music include faster flows, some clubbing joints and some collabos. I’m going to be hitting the stage up soon so I hope to see you all where I am to rock with me. I will defiantly keep everyone posted on upcoming happenings.

Before I let you go and get back to the grind what is something you want to tell the ones who have supported you through your journey?

A special thanks to DJ eMoney. And I want to thank my family and friends for believing in me.

For the people that want to follow Royalteaz where can they go to follow you and hear your music?

Royalteaz music can be heard on and I interact with my Facebook family at and tweet me at I appreciate everyone’s support. Mucho Luv, Pray up/Stay up

I want to say it was a pleasure to be able to interview you and on behalf of Urban Centric Magazine I want to say thank you Royalteaz, and hopefully be doing future interviews with you down the line.

Thanks to you Curl and Urban Centric Magazine for reaching out to a new artists. It has been a pleasure to interview with such a wonderful online magazine.

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