From the Studio to the Kitchen: Multi-talented Performer Aina Brei’Yon Proves You Can Have it All

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As a fellow Midwesterner, I can truly say the Midwest has bred some of the most talented individuals including Babyface, Vivica Fox, Mike Epps, and Chaka Kahn just to name a few. Adding to that list of talent that hails from the Midwest is Aina Brei’Yon.

Brei’Yon whose a native of the Southside of Chicago is more than just an artist. The multi-faceted talent is what she describes, ‘a creator of experiences.’

“I am a creator. I don’t rap. I don’t sing. I create and raise vibrations. When the world sees you one way, they believe that’s the only way you should be, I can’t be boxed in,” said Brei’Yon.

The multi talented Brei’Yon’s upbringing forced her to grow up with an outlet in creativity. The youngest of 10 children, self-expression and showing emotions wasn’t a common trend, however creativity was how she made her way through.

“I found an outlet with music at the young age of nine. Writing was the only way I knew how to express myself. I started taking it seriously at the age of 13 which was my first studio experience,” said Brei’Yon.

While her sound is unique and very catchy, Brei’Yon’s talents has led her with several opportunities to open up for acts including J. Holiday, Talib Kweli, Soulja Boy, Keith Murray, Crucial Conflict, Sammie and B2K.

Outside of being a sought after up and coming heavy weight in the music industry, Brei’Yon also lends her talents on and off stage through acting and inspiring others to live and lead a very healthy lifestyle.

“I can’t be boxed in. God didn’t put my gift in a box with a pretty little bow in it. When I create, I create from whatever I’m feeling at the moment, no rules, no limitations,” said Brei’Yon.

Outside of the entertainment industry, Brei’Yon is a health enthusiast and has created a platform on social media to help those who are aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits.

Brei’Yon, a vegan created The Ugly Cook on Instagram as a way to help others choose better eating habits and gain meal ideas.

According to Brei’Yon, “I make everyday food that looks and makes your body feel good.”

Some of her created concoctions includes vegan Mac and cheese, buffalo cauliflower wings, vegan spaghetti and much more.

In an attempt to raise health awareness, she has also made it very clear that she is not trying to force a vegan lifestyle on anyway but she wants to make them aware of the options.

As for what’s next for the multi talented creative, you can catch Brei’Yon in several upcoming screenplays and web-series. She is a sure talent that will continue to make head waves throughout the industry because of her multi-talent and humble spirit.

“Creativity is the only true form of freedom. The freedom to stand in your truth.” Said Brei’Yon.

Follow Brei’Yon on social media at: Instagram: @ainabreiyon and @theuglycook

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