The two fastest growing industries are finance and technology, and founder of Fortified Technical Solutions (FTS), Shondre Ford, recognized this. He also seen that there weren’t has many men of color in these field so he created his company to provide opportunities in technology for minorities and young, Black men. 

Fortified Technical Solutions provides CyberSecurity related educational services, consulting, PenTest and vulnerability management to mitigated cyber related threats at all levels. The company recently held its first Children FinTech Expo, which was very well attended. In addition to the services that FTS offers, every Tuesday Shondre does a Tuesday Tech Minute talk where he gives tips and advice on different technology and Cyber Security topics, which range from how to protect yourself on social media to securing your PC and laptop.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shondore where discussed his mission and vision for FTS. Listen to the interview below. 

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