Former NBA Player, Walter Bond, Inspires Others to Level Up in Their Professional, Personal Lives

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In life we should always strive to be the best that we can be. But sometimes life happens and we get off track and do not know how to lift ourselves up from the rut. This is when we turn to the professionals to help us to get our life back! Former NBA player Walter Bond is now helping others to level up within themselves and professional lives.

Mr. Bond is an award winning business coach and motivational speaker who transitioned from the business of professional basketball to the business of business. He has spent the past 18 years of his life coaching, motivating and inspiring people to be all they can be. He helps them to get to the next level of their lives by implementing his success fundamentals that include: mindset shift, habits and rituals, power of 2 and mentorship, to name a few.

I recently interviewed Walter where he discussed more on his mission and purpose. Check out the interview below:

You are a former NBA player. What fundamentals did you take from the sport that you are currently and have implanted in your career and business?

In basketball your success is built on playing your game and staying within yourself; knowing who you are and what you do well. Those fundamentals transferred to my business career seamlessly because in business you have to know how to play your game and play to your strengths. I have learned how to do what I do well and let those around me that support my efforts do what they do well. That’s a key successful fundamental…do what you do well in order to make a living.

What is your advice for current athletes that want to go pro?

Make your team win and be a great teammate. Successful people do the little things better than other people. They don’t always need the limelight they know how to work hard and show up daily.

You recently released the book SWIM…what do you want people to get out of the book?

The value of mentorship.

You identify 3 sea creatures…can you define each of them in human form?

  1. Shark- is a person who is successful and not afraid to pull others up and take people with them. They care about their people’s success.

  2. Suckerfish- is a person who has potential and lives with humility to seek out the right mentor and allows the mentor to influence them.

  3. Parasite- is a person who approaches life in a “what about me” self-absorbed manner. They protect their best interest and only does what’s best for them and don’t consider helping others.

What inspired you to write the book?

When I introduced the concept on stage at a live event the response was unbelievable. Even on Youtube my Shark Mindset video has had nearly three million views. The passion behind the concept was so vivid it was easy to build the story and pitch to a publisher.

You’ve been touring and doing a lot of speaking engagements. As we close out the year and go into the next decade, do you have any big events coming up?

With the release of my latest book, I have been going around the country speaking about the book every opportunity I get. From book signings and book discussions to my traditional corporate keynote events we are ending the year strong with roughly 40 opportunities to let the Shark Mindset resonate with audiences.

What’s your advice to others who want to pursue a career in speaking?

My first [piece of] advice no matter what career you endeavor on is get a mentor. Go find someone who is doing exactly what you are doing and follow them. Shadow them. Learn from them. And when they tell you what to do…Do it. Don’t waste their time seeking knowledge that you aren’t going to execute on. Be a great suckerfish.

How can people follow you?

I’m all over social media and they can visit my website at

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin I use to connect with people daily. We send out a weekly blog with tips and action steps to help build more success.

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