Former MTV Network VJ, Idalis DeLeon, Partners with Author and Playwright, T’ana Phelice, Bring a Twist to the Stage with Poetic Play, “Diamonds in the Waiting Room”

When women bring their ideas together to the forefront, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Executive producer and director, Idalis DeLeon partnered with author, producer and playwright T’ana Phelice to re-adapt The Diamond Monologuesinto a stage-worthy play with careful reconstructing of the work, into a five-character, eighty-minute poetic play set to a hip hop theme. After a year, Diamonds in the Waiting Roomis finally completed and will showcase on Thursday, June 21 and June 28 at the ACME Theater in Hollywood, California.  

Award winning R&B producer Dre Knight serves as musical director along with Jasmine Jackson-Brown and T’ana Phelice as co-lyricists and vocal direction.

“After putting on the show four times, I was excited to have Idalis come on as executive producer, director and an additional playwright,” Phelice stated.

The former MTV VJ, hopes that producing, directing and co-writing the work will highlight emerging playwright, Phelice’s, authentic voice into theatrical classic. Previous productions ran in small theaters in Arizona, Ontario and Los Angeles with sold out returns.

The Diamond Monologues was launched from the 2012 release of Phelice’s first book Jaded Diamonds, as well as the release of her second book in 2015, Pigs and Pearls. Both books are from the author’s Jaded Diamond Collection.

The production has been revamped, restructured and renamed, “It’s a completely new play,” De Leon explains. “The characters are the same, but the play structure and content have been revamped for better access to the poetic plight of each character. I think people will be blown away by her work, and I am proud to be a big part of this rebirth.”

Actresses such as Pagion Walker (106 & Park), Ambyr McWilliams, Summer Keiona (Bodies in Ruins), and newcomer Janee Kristina exemplify the characters and bring an authentic, yet credible element to the piece.

“We were really lucky with this cast. As soon as they walked in we all knew before even discussing it,” De Leon revealed.

Phelice also composed the opening number which includes a Lauryn Hill inspired rap and R&B melody set to a hip-hop track. This also marks De Leon’s directorial debut and in a climate of the #MeToo movement, directing a play that displays women’s empowerment might just be the ticket for this actress, writer and director. We’ll see if the theater elites feel the same way later this month.

This marks IDalis De Leons directorial debut and in a climate of the “ME TOO” movement, directing a play that showcases women’s empowerment might be just the ticket for this actress writer director. We’ll see if the theater elites feel the same way later this month.

Attendees will be in for a treat as they experience a gritty, but stimulating tale of love, justice and redemption.

Tickets can be purchased at The ACME Comedy Theater is located at 135 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.


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