Former GA Tech Football Player Creates Visionary Worlds of Black Action Heroes

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Keith Jett (FKA Gary Keith Brown II) has launched a new comic book series entitled Legends of War.  Since leaving Ga Tech, Keith has put all his energy into bringing diversity to the comic book action hero genre as a creator, artist, and writer.  He speaks heavily on the need for diversity in cartoons, comic books, and film.

Jett is a former football player for Ga Tech.  He played right guard for two seasons before pursuing art as his career.  He is the Creator, Artist and Owner of Keith Jett Productions.  Keith is known for creating worlds beyond others imaginations. His main focus is to bring awareness to brand-new Black Action Heroes.  Keith Jett wants his productions and characters to make a powerful impact on the world.  Keith creates art for comic books, album covers, businesses, and other artistic avenues.

He states, “In order to make an impact there must first be a difference in the way we think about and represent our culture.  We don’t need to follow what most people consider main stream.  We must create our own brands within society. ”

Keith has put his talents to work as both a creator of comic books  and Rapper Look-Alike Events.

“There aren’t enough Black or African American action heroes on the market that are readily available for ethnic communities on-line, in comic book stores, or on film,” he says.

Legends of War: Issue#1 Battlefield is a story about two Black men, Jerrald and Relic, who co-exist between the Human realm and the Legend realm.  They must sacrifice their friendship and fight to the death to determine who will Die Human or Die a Legend.  The Human Realm is where those who used to be Legends go after they’ve died in combat.  They no longer have the power to activate their legend state.

The Legend Realm is where legends fight each other to become a True Legend.  A True Legend is granted unlimited power and remains in the legend state, never to be human again.   True Legends can exist in both the Human Realm and the Legend Realm.  They walk the universe as one of the most powerful beings.

The Rapper Look-a-Like Events are based on rappers that inspired Keith Jett’s art in the Gangsta Turtles series. Picture a world of Turtles… But stuck to the G-Code! Follow the intense and action packed adventures of Terrance, Krill, and KJ as these three use their G-Code to tote guns, dodge bullets and fight to bring back peace to their community from the machines who hunt them… THE CYBER BEAST UNIT. Tupac Shakur inspired the look and personality of the character Two-Shots who represents loyalty.  Biggie Smalls inspired the character Bullet Fretts’ demeanor and body type.  Boosie inspired the swag and clothing of the main character, Terrence.

You can meet Keith Jett and learn more about his creations at the Long Beach Comic Con on September 2  to September 3. If you are unable to make the event, please follow him on Instagram @LegendsofWar and @GangstaTurtles to stay updated on his future endeavors. 

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