‘Fade Out Of Sadness’ is a book that can help people with coping with depression and mental illness

Living in this world can be a trip at times. People are constantly faced with life’s obstacles, which can be overwhelming. When we do become overwhelmed, we can go into a state of depression and if we ignore the signs that we may in fact depressed, then that’s when the issue becomes bigger than ourselves. ‘Fade Out Of Sadness’ by Nicole Soule is a book that was written to help individuals battling with mental illness recognize and emerge from the negative feelings that plague them. 

“Depression and anxiety awareness is rising,” Soule explains. “As more people are recognizing the symptoms and making strides to be better.”

As Soule also states, ‘Fade Out Of Sadness’ is not a guide to a happy life, or a “how-to” book on solving your problems. It is an informative, yet inspirational tool to tackle life most difficult moments. Nicole used writing as therapy to help her in coming out of depression. She went through it during her college years, as many college students go through with difficult exams, new fond relationships, and being away from home for the first time. 

Nicole recently shared her testimony and inspiration behind the book in an interview with us here at Purposely Awakened. The interview below will hopefully leave you inspired.

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