Forgiveness to Happiness: Learning To Love Ourselves

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Once we learn to forgive those who have wronged us, we start to leap back into the realm of happiness. It’s amazing how many great things will start happening in our lives once we let go of things out of our control and forgive. Not only is forgiveness the key to happiness, but it allows us to love our selves.

Sometimes we may think that after a break up it’s the end of the world and it’s not. Sometimes we may think that just because we were let go from that job where we were making great progress is the end, and its not. Sometimes we may think that just because we lose contact with a childhood best friend that its the end, but its not. The one thing that we have to stop doing is letting others put a period at the end of our sentence because they do not control our destiny.

When others out a period at the end of a sentence, guess what? God adds an extra paragraph and another part to our journey. It may sound very cliche, but it is very true that sometimes things have to fall apart in order for us to reach our breakthrough. You’ll notice that God will bring us through a storm, but immediately after the sun starts to shine when we start become a little more content.

There are times when we’ll see people who are just plain out evil to us who seem to be getting everything that they want, but we must remember that we don’t always know how they got there. Not saying that they may have stepped on some toes to get to where they are at, but they may not even be at the top like they claim. They may be at the same very spot, the only difference is that they are all talk and you are a doer.

The people that like to talk about what they are doing or going to do for that matter, are usually the ones who are still in pursuit of their own happiness, but they put on mask around others to make it seem as if they have it all together. Of course they are not fooling anyone but themselves.

A wise friend once said, “Don’t talk about it, be about it and do it.” He is a published and successful author and motivational speaker himself and is based out of Los Angeles (Michael McGrew). He was the one that told me that when you want to write a book, just write it and don’t tell others about it because then they will continually ask you when is it coming out. They’ll start to have expectations for you to deliver soon. You’ll start to feel rushed and as if you have to release a book rather than you wanting to release one for your own happiness and well-being.

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