For The Playas/Playettes: New Year, New Roster…

Some of you already know it’s that time again! This is the year to start getting rid of people you no longer keep in contact with to make room for a fresh plate. Jump start 2011 by bringing your A game: and keep it tight ladies and gents, because first impressions are vital. New body, gear, attitude, outlook, and a new target.

Join a club and get involved in your community, so you can meet people who have similar aspirations as you do. Or, just go out and socialize, make new connections, mingle if you’re single, and network to build up your roster. A little flirting at times won’t hurt either *wink!

Show off that pretty smile and let your charming personality win over your new potential comrades. However, always be mindful that people often judge you by the company you keep, so be aware of the people in your circle. People will make assumptions based on your clique. Surround yourself with people who bring something to the table, and are assets to your game. Get rid of the ones who hold you back and bring negative energy in your life.

When you have time, browse through your contacts and decide who you should keep, and who you should chuck up the deuces to. It may be hard to get rid of some people, but only you can determine who is no longer active in your life. If you haven’t spoken to that person in months, chances are they are not thinking about you, so delete the number and move on!

As the saying goes, don’t hate the playa/playette, hate the game!!

Shannon Morris
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Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Shannon Morris’s family knew from the moment she was born, that she was going to be successful in the entertainment industry. She possessed a love of film, the arts, reading, and writing at a very young age, having excelled in anything remotely artistic. Her natural ability to attract attention and connect with people connected her towards a career in the entertainment and healthcare industry.

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