Fitness Spotlight: Squats and Lunges

As women, one of the assets that we want to make sure is firm is our butts! Especially as Black women, or women of color in general. Some of us love having that hour glass shape and our men love it too!

Today, Tatianna will be showing a few simple squat and lunge exercises that will help in firming your backside.

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Tatianna Kanyiki is currently 21 years old. She has been fit for as long as she could remember. Her parents put her in gymnastics at the age of 6 where she enjoyed the sport up until 7th grade. From Gymnastics she found a passion in running track and stuck with it until her freshman year of college. She was on the varsity track team at College Park High school where enjoyed triple jump, relays & hurdles. She did hurdles at Eastern university for a year. She continued running for Personal Best Track club as well as Team Green Running throughout the summers. She had a great opportunity to compete in the 2015 Junior Olympics held in St. Louis. Between All the medals gained, races she overcame & workouts she endured, Track allowed the art of fitness to become more passionate to her. Apart from all the tips & drills she learned from her athletic experience, she also gained knowledge from her classes as a Biochemistry major. Understanding the science behind the human body gives her that logistical support in her journey towards making efficient workouts and nutrition knowledge. Fitness made her happier; it motivated her to spread this to people around her & to her family. After watching tremendous weight loss from her parents she felt led to provide her assistance on a broader platform to anyone else in need. She strives to motivate people to overcome their adversaries & to embrace their strength.

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